Using Tabletop Displays in Your Business and Marketing Events

Using Tabletop Displays in Your Business and Marketing Events

Are you ready to make an impact at your next marketing event? Let Hutchco tabletop displays help deliver your message and draw attention to your visual branding. Whether showcasing products or managing an event, boost your visitors attention with our display products — at the right price, and the right size.

8.5 x 11 Plastic Sign Holder Tabletop Displays with Cardboard Easel Back, for Registration Sign Up Table, Business Marketing Event, Job Fair, Company Recruitment Day

Portable and professional sign holder frames that ship flat for easy travel and storage. Our blank counter card display stands are low priced and perfect for temporary, or long term use

Marketing displays are not required to be high tech — and we believe quality sign holders should not be expensive either! As a matter of fact, our table sign displays are cost effective and designed for all budgets and marketing plans. Compared with some digital options, and expensive acrylic frames, our simple signage solutions offer ways to get you started, and save you money.

Add Sign Holders in Your Product Display Areas

Need a silent salesperson while you are busy helping other customers? Why not use Hutchco Easel back sign displays to help describe your goods and services in detail. Then customers can read about the merchandise while comparing products at their own pace. Above all, make the most of limited space on your display shelves, tables, and countertops.

Brochure Holder Display in Retail Store Window, with 11 x 14 Cardboard Sign Stand and Adhesive 4” Peel & Stick Pocket on the Clear Plastic Cover

A store window display with 11″ x 14″ Easel Sign Holder and 4″ Brochure Holder Pocket

  • Large retail spaces need clear descriptions identifying your current promotional campaign. Table signs can highlight new products, custom products, and sale items, while displaying brochures and pamphlets with more detailed information. In other words, we suggest attaching a Peel & Stick Brochure Holder Pocket directly onto the front of your tabletop signage. Naturally, this will assure take-away brochures quickly get into the hands of your customers.
  • Place a sign display next to seasonal goods and overstock items that you advertised on sale. And then “Invite” customers to help reduce your inventory with special low-price discounts.
  • Big sales do not always need big signs. And not all tabletop signs need a table. Consequently small sign holders allow products to be the center of attention. Of course, your small easel signs can describe the sale items, list the price, or simply say… SALE!
Hutchco Displays 5" x 7" small sign holder with a clear cover on cardboard easel. Will not scratch your display surface.

Big sales do not always need a big sign. A small 5” x 7” sign work hard too!

Speed Up Your Sign-Up Table

If your business has a registration table, be sure to have a tabletop display with answers to popular questions. It is equally important to educate customers while preparing their contract, merchandise, or credit application.

  • Universities, corporations, and community organizations use tabletop signs to simplify an event registration process. The same goes for opening day at trade shows and expos. Tabletop displays inform and clarify the steps involved in sign-up registration for all events. Thereby streamlining an often lengthy process.
  • Brochures offering advice about credit financing are suitable for tabletop displays. And, they can explain details of your financing options for buying on credit, or lease-to-own. As a result, customers prepare to sign up at the table before leaving.
  • Add a copy of your extended warranty benefits on a tabletop display. While customers browse your home goods, appliance, furniture, or automobile showrooms— they will take notice.

Tabletop Displays in Restaurants 

Tabletop display signs are highly visible in restaurants, and cafes, when customers are seated eye-level to the displays. Did you notice QR code menus on every table during the pandemic? Are they still around?

HUTCHCO 5.5 x 8.5 plastic sign holder with paper print of QR Code Touchless Menu, on a restaurant table

Inexpensive 5.5″ x 8.5″ Easel Sign Holders designed for half-page prints are great for menus, and short-term use.

  • According to a CNN Business Report article by Danielle Wiener-Bronner, there is a split decision on using QR menus. Business owners say they prefer digital QR menus, while customers say they prefer hand held menus. But when it comes to paying for their meal “waiting to pay for a check is a much larger pain point for consumers, than reading a menu, and one that can be solved using similar (QR) technology. ‘Let me pay when I’m ready to go. And everybody’s happy.’”
  • Our Easel Back Sign Holders are the simple choice for tabletop menus, whether you choose QR print inserts, or a standard menu insert. Replace as often as needed, for very little expense. Place inexpensive easel signs on your tables, highlighting digital ordering and ease of payment. Easy to replace menu signs quickly in your restaurants and cafes. Note that our inexpensive 5.5″ x 8.5″ Easel Sign Holders are designed for half-page prints, and great for short-term use.
  • Do you offer take-out? Then place inexpensive menus in a table display near the exit. For instance tabletop signs with 4″ adhesive pockets will hold your printed trifold brochure menus. In addition, display signs with 5.5″ Peel & Stick adhesive pockets will hold letter-size menus folded in half. It is surprisingly easy and affordable to print your own menus on standard copy paper.

Tabletop Displays in Food Stores

Are you thinking there will not be enough counter space for sign holder display stands? We have many sizes of easel sign holders that will  fit in the smallest display area, so don’t start your next promotional event without some!

  • At your next in-store food tasting and sampling demo, be sure to use sign displays on the table. And, why not add Hutchco adhesive brochure holder pockets full of recipe cards! As customers are enjoying the various food items being introduced that day, inspire them to take home new cooking ideas, and new products.
  • Reward your best customers! Without a doubt, they will return when offered a “frequent buyer” business card.  On your table top displays, it’s extremely easy to add business card size Peel & Stick Pockets filled with loyalty cards. Customers will be delighted to earn rewards for their repeat business.
Adhesive Peel and Stick Business Card Holder Pockets display of Loyalty Discount Cards

Instantly attach Peel and Stick Business Card Pockets to your countertop displays, for holding discount coupons and customer loyalty reward cards

Display Signs at the Checkout Counter

Checkout counters provide excellent opportunities for last-minute ideas. Or reminders of specialty products shoppers may wish to consider ordering later.

  • Fill a brochure holder display with examples of your custom products and detailed information. In fact, when placed near the checkout area, your paying customer will take notice of the brochures display and may leave with ideas about a future purchase.
  • Place your discount coupons in a peel and stick business card holder near the cash register. Then display the items discounted for that week only.
  • Promote seasonal items that customers tend to forget, such as bags of ice, at check-out time.

Portable Tabletop Displays at Trade Shows

Hutchco tabletop displays travel well without breaking. You will appreciate the durability of our products if you set up tables at many trade show events. The sign holders ship flat when traveling, and the support easel folds open quickly when ready to stand up the display. Easy to set up at your event booth, or demo table.

  • Easel back sign holders with brochure holders are displaying your business information. A quick way to get that info into the hands of interested attendees. Tri-fold handouts will remind visitors what your company is all about.
  • Buy plenty of extra displays. Affordable enough to give a handful to each of your distributors. Marketing your products as they visit all stores in their region. And leaving tabletop displays with your new promotions, designed for all retail counters.
  • Set up poster size sign holders near your vendor booth. Attract interest with inspirational quotes, as attendees approach your area. Or add colorful eye catching images of new products and services.

Tabletop Displays For Your Employees

Customers will not be the only group looking at your tabletop displays. Equally important to note that your employees will read them too! Think about some of these options for work areas, and where your staff tend to gather.

Plastic Covered Sign Holders in caution areas to protect workers and work safety signage

Plastic covered sign holders, for caution signs near hazard areas, remind everyone to stay alert

  • Tabletop sign displays near hazard areas will remind everyone to stay alert. Deliver your message quickly. Command attention with large or small signs. Use bold lettering, bright colors, and simple designs.
  • Add easy to read, short, and to the point messages in your tabletop signs. Put one near the customer service counter, or re-stocking area. Politely remind employees of your customer courtesy policy guidelines.
  • Leave humorous clean-up reminders where employees eat and socialize. Wouldn’t everyone like to see less dirty dishes in the common room? It’s worth a try.

Buy more tabletop easel signs and other Hutchco displays so you can direct, instruct, entertain, promote, inform, and guide customers in your retail or B2B business. Our products are affordable, reusable, and so easy to place throughout your retail store or business. Start using budget-friendly Hutchco table signs in your business, and event locations. Place them on any flat surface throughout the showroom and exhibition area, and you will be providing vital visual information right where your customers are already looking!

Choose the Right Colors for Your Tabletop Displays

Colors play a large role in the effectiveness of a company’s tabletop displays, brochures, and other print materials. In this article, I will share how the psychology of colors affects your marketing and branding, to help you design a display table or booth that people want to visit.

In the article, I will share how the psychology of colors affects your marketing and branding. And to help you design colors in tabletop displays, or vendor booths, that people will want to visit. The colorful image below is an event poster in our 11″ x 17″ Easel Back Sign Holder Display.

Hutchco 11 x 17 Tabletop Poster Displays are large stand-up Plastic Sign Holders with removable Clear Cover and Cardboard Easel Back. Sign holder displays are for 11” x 17” paper print inserts, posters and flyers

Large and colorful Poster Displays will get noticed! Hutchco 11” x 17” Plastic Sign Holders with the Cardboard Easel Back, are budget-friendly big signs for an unbeatable small price!

According to research from the Color Marketing Group, “color increases brand recognition by up to 80 percent.” Why? Color reaches our deepest instincts and elicits our most basic emotions. Your emotions, in turn, help drive decision-making. Color provokes emotions, emotions drive decisions, and decisions determine whether someone stops at your table or keeps walking.

Furthermore, Dr Liraz Margalit, PhD, the Customer Experience Psychologist at ClickTale, says ” People don’t buy products or services — They buy emotions! Visitors are more likely to add products to their cart when their emotional process takes control. Therefore, they are directed more by the mood evoking ‘How It Feels’ rather than ‘Is It Worth It.”

By selecting the ideal colors for printed marketing materials, you can improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. When doing so, take into account the opposite effect too. Selecting the wrong colors might drive away potential customers. So, select your colors carefully while designing literature for tabletop displays, brochure holders, and signage.

Using Specific Colors in Promotional Print Materials

Here are some tips on how different colors provoke emotional responses and how to encourage passers-by to stop at your table and learn what your product is all about. Low glare Sign Holders by Hutchco will proudly set your colorful table displays apart from the crowd.

The Color Wheel

The Color Wheel for making better color choices in your design

RED Instantly Grabs Attention in Every Display

  • A touch of red in a trade show booth can catch and focus attention instantly. Warm, exciting, and eye-catching, VeryWellMind noted that “Red is often used to grab attention and create excitement, particularly in advertising signage.”
  • Be careful about using too much red, though. Used in excess, it can generate anxiety and a sense of urgency, just like brake lights and firetrucks. Use it as an attention-getting accent in your trade show booth, and you’ll notice how people’s eyes tend to land on it. Place the red accent where you want visitors to start their visual journey!
  • When you want to tone the red down, a spot of complementary green, close to the red, does the job. Complementary colors are those opposite each other on the color wheel, such as illustrated in CopicMarkerTutorials.

ORANGE is Offbeat and Fun

  • Think of picking an orange from a fruit basket: juicy, flavorful, and packed with energy. As with red, this color is an attention-getter, but used to bring out a response. Place a touch of orange where you would like to elicit an action. You might add an orange arrow to a sign to encourage visitors to try out a product or sign up for a raffle.
  • Remember that orange, a combination of red and yellow, is another warm color and likewise, provokes mixed messages. The orange Home Depot “Let’s Do This!” campaign branding provokes an energetic attitude that’s not out of reach. Similar to the traffic barrel drums orange “warning” that is so important to the construction industry.
  • You can use orange with blue, its complement, to keep it under control. Have you noticed that both Sunkist and Fanta use shades of blue to tame down their primarily orange soft drink branding?

Table Displays with Vibrant Energetic YELLOW Says “Look Here!”

  • Another bold color, yellow, provokes a vibrant, energetic sensation. That might have something to do with why Post-It Notes’ canary yellow has become an office standard. In excess, however, it too says,”caution.” Just like the other warm hues, yellow is best used as an accent color.
  • Because it is such a powerful color, add a bit of yellow to your brochures to get attention, but use it with moderation in your display area. you can always cool down yellow accents with a complementary blue background. The energy of yellow  contrasts nicely with the calming effect of blue.

Think GREEN! With “Eco-Friendly” Displays

100% Recycled Paperboard can be beautiful! Here is the material breakdown of Post-Consumer and Post-Industrial content which makes our polished cardboard products, including cardboard brochure holders, and easel back sign holders.

100% Recycled paperboard can be beautiful! Here is the material breakdown of Post-Consumer and Post-Industrial content which make our bright white polished cardboard products. This includes HUTCHCO cardboard brochure holders, and easel back sign holders.

  • The color green in a marketing display brings about a feeling of growth and health. Derived from two primary colors, a warm yellow and a cool blue, it emanates harmony. Think: Starbucks and Whole Foods Market. Another benefit of using tabletop displays by Hutchco — All the cardboard in our easel back sign holders is manufactured with 100% recycled paperboard. 
  • You can use green with a fair amount of liberty in your marketing display designs. Warm and inviting, it’s perfect for promoting environmentally friendly products and systems. You won’t need to worry about toning down this color choice, but it does a nice job of taming orange accents.

BLUE says, “Trust me. I’m cool.”

  • Ever notice how a day on the lake, with blue sky above and blue water below, makes for a great weekend? Trustworthy, professional, and secure, blue is a cool color that adds a sense of refreshing honesty and authority to flyers, brochures, and booth decor. Use it to invite customers in, to feel at ease, and step up and take a free sample.
  • Blue can also provoke a sensation of coolness, and you may try to warm it up with warming orange, or red, accents.

PURPLE for Royalty or Mystery

  • Tabletop displays containing purple in their print materials can tie your display booth’s image to royal abundance, wealth, and even mystery. A combination of the warmth of red and the cool of blue, you can take advantage of the color purple to emphasize a creative or eccentric element of your display.
  • Hallmark often uses their purple logo color with its complement, a golden yellow, for an effective, rich look toward the creativity of their products. You can use purple to engage your table’s younger visitors, who are fascinated with exploring the mysteries and unknown aspects of life. Whether you’re offering games or fashion accessories, the color will reach the eye of adolescents.

BROWN is Naturally Neutral

  • Earthy and natural, viewers will likely perceive a basically brown tabletop display message as solid, dependable, and reliable. Like green, it’s an excellent choice for ecologically-friendly products and services. And its tone of honesty and neutrality make the use of brown an excellent choice for informational tabletop signs.
  • Composed of three primary colors, red, yellow, and blue, brown is balanced and complete. Like green, we are naturally accustomed to seeing it in abundance, so brown works well for background color as well as product display stands. It provides a relatively neutral and comforting sensation without distracting from your products themselves.

Get Serious or Mysterious with BLACK

  • Powerful, elegant, formal, and mysterious, black goes well with nearly anything and works with nearly any branding style. Nothing reads more easily than black on a white background, and nothing speaks more authoritatively. It’s an excellent font color for any of your light backgrounds, or white tabletop signs.
  • Tabletop Displays by HUTCHCO set on a black table cover will really stand out. Use black sparingly in the print material that you add to brochure holders and easel back sign displays. It can overwhelm lighter colors, but for text and defining shapes or adding shadows to images, it’s unbeatable.

For Bright, Simple Tabletop Displays, Use WHITE

  • Opposite from black, white also goes with any of the colors. It’s neutral, safe, pure, and clean.
  • White’s neutrality, along with its clean appearance, make it an excellent background element for your tabletop displays. A display area dominated by white is easy to visually scan and looks organized.

Tones and Everything Else

All the rest of the colors come from mixtures of the above. Products and services oriented toward women will often use a lighter version of purple —which is pink. And marketers aim for their male audiences with variations of blue and muted tones of all colors.

Metallics, such as gold, silver, and copper, also have their place in tabletop displays as highlights and accents. Try adding handwritten details to printed tabletop signs using a metallic colored marker for a bold personalized touch.

Show Your Colors by Choosing the Right Tabletop Display

Once you’ve established the colors you want to use in your signs and brochures, you need to find the right sign holder display stands and countertop brochure holders. HUTCHCO has the right size frames and stand up displays for your tabletop, or vendor booth. Have fun selecting the color combinations for your display designs, and watch how people react to them!

Increase Sales with In-Store Coupon Display

Give customers a reason to keep buying from you. Now, more than ever, smart marketing includes advertising with Discount Coupons and Loyalty Rewards Programs.

Adhesive Peel and Stick Business Card Holder Pockets display of Loyalty Discount Cards

Instantly attach Peel and Stick Business Card Pockets to your countertop displays, for holding discount coupons and customer loyalty reward cards

From time to time you need to generate more consumer interest. And, that time is right now. Hutchco coupon holders are peel and stick business card pockets that will get your discount coupons in front of customers, encouraging in-store purchases. Coupons are just as relevant today as they have ever been, especially money-off coupons.  According to Halona Black at Zendesk, businesses should consider customer reward programs as a key feature of their marketing. 

To get an idea of the impact that coupons have on consumer buying habits, take a look at the following statistics from the merchant network, Access:

  • Coupons saved consumers $3.1 billion in 2022
  • On average, coupon users spend 24 percent more than other shoppers
  • In 2022, 92 percent of consumers used a coupon to make a purchase
  • 62 percent of loyal consumers use targeted offers from their favorite store
  • 83 percent of shoppers prefer in-store promotions
  • 97 percent of consumers seek deals while shopping
  • Before making a purchase, 74 percent of consumers review circulars and print ads

Design Print Coupons to Increase In-Store Conversions

A well-designed print coupon can help increase in-store conversions. Here are some tips to create effective print coupons in your place of business:

  1. Create an Engaging Offer. Plan your coupons around an enticing offer. The coupon can provide a discount, offer a bonus, provide a premium or add-on, or an opportunity for free information.
  2. Use Bold and Specific Headlines. Your coupons should have bold headlines that appeal to the customers’ emotions. Keep headlines specific so that coupon users understand exactly what your business is offering.
  3. Use Exciting Visuals. Interesting photographs and other images can make your coupon more enticing. In addition, a visually appealing design will stay in the mind of your customers longer.
  4. Use Your Logo in the Design. Take advantage of in-store coupons to build loyalty among shoppers. Putting your logo on coupons helps customers associate your business with savings or other offers.
  5. Make Effective Use of White Space. User experience expert, Prototypr, explains that proper use of white space can help improve user comprehension, focus and attention, interaction rate, grouping of items, branding, and overall feeling toward the message.
  6. Sell the Benefits. Although you may feel that the benefit of your offer seems obvious, your customers may need some reminding. For example, if you’re promoting an oil change, add a bullet list that shows the benefits of scheduling an oil change at your place of business, rather than somewhere else.
  7. Appeal to Self-Interest. Customers want to know exactly how they will benefit from accepting your coupon offer. If your business offers four tires for the price of three, make sure to clearly state that. Imagery is a great way to clearly demonstrate value—such as adding a photo of three tires, with a fourth tire leaning against them, or three tires “plus” one tire.
  8. Always Up-Sell. By offering coupons for premium spark plugs rather than standard spark plugs, you can use the coupon to let your customers know that they’ll get better mileage and more horsepower from the premium plugs. They get a better product, and your business makes a higher-margin sale.
  9. Use Powerful Words. Appeal to customer needs and desires with words they want to see. Use powerful words such as “save,” “amazing,” “guarantee,” “improved,” and “smarter.”
  10. Place Brochure Holders Throughout the Store. Put your coupons in brochure holders or brochure stands and place them throughout the store. Focus on high-traffic areas, where customers tend to gather or browse.
  11. Avoid Information Overload. Carefully edit your text, weeding out unnecessary words and concepts. Once you have edited it, edit again, or ask a coworker to do so. Every unnecessary word or phrase that you eliminate makes the remaining words more powerful.
  12. Tie Coupons to Holidays and Events. Is Independence Day around the corner? Print your coupons in red, white and blue, and invite your coupon-toting customers to a free foam drink koozie when they buy an auto safety kit.
  13. Add a Call-to-Action to Coupons. Adding a clear, strong call to action to a coupon can drive your customers towards receiving that benefit and reinforcing their  loyalty to your brand. For example, “Stop by our customer service counter for details” might be an effective call-to-action to help customers learn about extended warranties on power tools.

Selecting the Right Coupon Holders for Countertop Displays

Retail displays come in a variety of materials, sizes, and designs. Take a look at our newest trio of bright white brochure stands, that ship flat and are made from 100% recycled paperboard. Clear, transparent plastic Hutchco frames make the best coupon holders because they’re affordable, durable, and versatile. Some of our most popular models for displaying and holding coupons include:

Hutchco offers a robust selection of coupon displays to fit your in-store needs and marketing objectives. You can increase your sales with an in-store coupon display marketing campaign. Customers who see multiple coupon displays while shopping learn to associate them with discounts and other benefits. Hutchco brochure holders and brochure stands come in different sizes and are only two of the many plastic frames available on our website.

15 Minutes of Fame: Karen Drucker Musical Event Displays Hutchco Sign Holders


This edition of 15 Minutes of Fame features Karen Drucker, a talented singer, songwriter, author, and motivational speaker. She describes herself as a Positive Message Artist, leading workshops at women’s retreats, mind-body health spiritual conferences, and at various churches around the country. While sharing her inspiring message of healing and personal empowerment, Karen likes to travel with informational displays about her mission and music. Looking for a durable plastic sign holder easel display that travels well in her suitcase led her right to Hutchco Displays.

Praise for Easy-to-Use Plastic Sign Holder Displays

Karen loves the exceptional durability of Hutchco sign holder displays, specifically our 8.5” x 11” easel back sign holders. “I love my sign, and it helps display the prices for all my products,” she told us. “Plus, they are affordably priced.”

Karen travels all over the country for keynote talks and concerts. “My easel has been with me on many airline flights,” she said. “It’s easy to travel with, and packs easily. It fits right in my small suitcase, and it never gets damaged. This is a product that I will continue to use forever because it’s great.”

Karen Drucker using Easel Back Sign Holders from HutchCo

Tabletop Display with Sign Holders and an Inspiring Message of Healing and Positivity

Taking a moment to listen to Karen’s music, I can truly appreciate how her spiritual voice may inspire and give strength to those on their path of healing. She has been called “a master of communicating presence and spirituality through music.” She loves creating music, making a difference, and touching hearts. Karen’s work invokes love, healing, gratitude, and faith, and her non-denominational songs and chants are affirmations for manifesting and deepening our spiritual connection.

Karen told us, “I used to be a blues and jazz singer, and I began writing songs that had a positive message, specifically a healing message for people who were going through cancer treatments. It made a huge impact on me and them.”

Ever since then, she has focused her music on the practice of healing. “I want to be a person who makes a difference,” she said. “When I get letters from people telling me that my songs or chants have helped them deal with illness, loss, or just help them center for the day, it validates that I am doing my right work. With my tabletop display easel sign holders, I can share my message in many places, including New Thought churches. I am grateful for your company and the fine work you do.”

Hutchco is so thankful for customers like Karen Drucker who have discovered that our products help display information during presentations around the country. Thanks again, Karen, for a wonderful interview and for sharing your message of positivity as you continue to be a pillar of hope for so many people!

15 Minutes of Fame: Hutchco Customer, Sherry Flugel

For this edition of 15 Minutes of Fame, we spoke with Sherry Flugel. She is the director of communications for the First Congregational Church of Glen Ellyn (FCCGE), which is welcoming, open to everyone, and active in many community events. Our conversation left me brimming with optimism and grateful that Hutchco can assist a wonderful person like Sherry, who enthusiastically supports a welcoming place of hope, to worship, serve, and dream. Sherry came to us looking for durable stick-on pockets to hold brochures that invite people to worship and participate in ongoing community events.

Sherry Flugel Utilizes Peel and Stick Business Card Holders

Sherry Flugel is very passionate about her work, and loves the family feel and customer service of Hutchco: “Most companies require huge orders. You are so accommodating to us smaller organizations, allowing us to order only what we need, no matter how small,” Sherry told us. “You worked with our budget and were so kind.”

Sherry purchased Hutchco peel and stick pockets for her church and community outreach displays. With limited resources, the church needed a cost-effective way to display informative brochures for newcomers at Sunday worship services. She attached stick-on brochure holder pockets to large poster displays in the building—two posters are right inside the door that most members enter from, and two more posters hang by the sanctuary door.

I was fascinated by Sherry’s ingenious way of using a 4” pocket and a business card pocket together. She explained in detail how our peel and stick pockets have helped the church reach out to the local community:

Sherry Flugel

“I have double-decker pockets holding UCC brochures and the others hold ‘Visitor’ stickers that visitors wear. Some visitors want to quietly and anonymously attend, while others want to be recognized, so we leave the visitor sticker decision up to the individual. Your pockets allow them to help themselves. Even with people reaching into the pockets and most likely pulling on them a bit, they never come unstuck. These pockets were exactly what we needed for our visitor display! Our building is used by many outside groups (Scouts, AA, a counseling service, the local high school, etc.), and amazingly, the pockets have not fallen apart or yellowed.”

Sherry also loves our 11″ x 17″ and 8″ x 11″ tabletop easel sign holders. She was happy to explain why she likes them so much: “They are easy to load—we simply slip the paper poster into the clear plastic cover, then slip the easel back in. The clear plastic protects the poster, keeps it from unattaching, and looks professional. Plus, the other boss thing is that you offer them in portrait and landscape. They are sturdy, and can be used over and over again!”

Serving Others at FCCGE

FCCGE believes in the acceptance of everyone who values a genuine commitment to faith, family, and community. Their open arms make a tremendous difference in this world, and we are honored to be a part of their amazing endeavors. We are grateful for wonderful customers like Sherry Flugel who are making a difference. We are proud to know that Hutchco products help to encourage new journeys of faith, dedication to family, and support for their community. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story, Sherry!

Improve Workplace Safety Compliance with Tabletop & Wall-Mount Sign Displays

If you run a brick-and-mortar business, you understand the importance of workplace safety compliance. Signs for compliance and other workplace safety concerns keep your business legal and your employees and customers safe from accidents. However, signage can cost hundreds of dollars, even for a small business with few hazards.

Business owners can keep compliance costs down by using workplace signs printed on paper and displayed in inexpensive, transparent tabletop sign displays and sign holder wall mounts from Hutchco. They reduce your initial workplace safety compliance investment and even save you money over time.

Versatile Workplace Safety Compliance

Plastic frames make for easy viewing and reading to help your business meet the requirements of government safety organizations, such as:

  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
  • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)
  • American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

Not only does it keep your business compliant, but safety signs can play a vital role in ensuring a safe work environment. According to statistics cited by the Huffington Post, “safety signs which inform you of danger can reduce accident rates in the workplace by up to 80 percent.”

Requirements for workplace signs change from time to time, and using inexpensive Hutchco tabletop sign displays and sign holder wall mounts allows you to print and update standards without purchasing expensive new replacement signs. It’s also easy to move plastic tabletop sign displays when you reorganize or remodel a section of your business.

Understanding Requirements for Workplace Safety Signs

OSHA Specifications for Accident Prevention Signs (1910.145) “requires the use of safety signs to indicate and define specific hazards that, without identification, may lead to accidental injury to workers and/or the public or to property damage.” These guidelines recognize three different types of safety signs:

  • Danger. Danger tags shall be used in situations where an immediate major hazard presents a threat of death or serious injury to employees. Danger tags shall be used only in these situations.
  • Warning. Warning tags may be used to represent a hazard level between “Caution” and “Danger.”
  • Caution. Caution tags shall be used in minor hazard situations where a non-immediate or potential hazard or unsafe practice presents a lesser threat of employee injury.

OSHA also has specific signage requirements for biological hazards, notices, general safety signs, admittance, fire safety, non-hazards, and other situations. You can read more about these requirements on its safety training site.

Safety Sign Compliance Placement

ANSI (ANSI Z535.2-2011, Sections 11 and 12) and OSHA (29 CFR 1910.145(f)(4)) require businesses to place hazard alert signs so that they inform viewers from a safe viewing distance, without creating a distraction or hazard themselves. They warn against placing them on or next to doors, windows that open and close, or other moveable objects. OSHA provides clear and detailed guidance for safety sign placement on its website.

By using different types of plastic tabletop sign displays and sign holder wall mounts, you can adapt your signs to any part of your workplace. Hutchco offers different styles and sizes of sign holders to help you place signs where you most need them.

Visibility of Workplace Signs

When placing signs for safety and fire equipment, business owners should keep them clearly visible and close to the equipment. Proper illumination can improve sign visibility during normal operating conditions, and photoluminescent or retro-reflective materials can help keep signage visible during power outages.

Workplace safety signs should have concise, easy-to-read wording, according to ANSI Z535.2-2011, Section 8. The lettering should allow a person with normal vision to read the safety sign message panel text from a distance that allows safe viewing. OSHA specifies that signal words, such as “Warning” should be at least 50 percent taller than the height of a capital H in the message panel wording.

Most sign materials fade with time, and by using clear plastic Hutchco sign holder wall mounts and tabletop sign displays, you avoid expensive sign replacement by simply printing up a new batch of signs and replacing those that have faded. Plastic sign holders with printed paper content cost much less than expensive acrylic frames or printed signs made of other materials.

Choosing the Right Workplace Safety Sign Holders and Wall Mounts

Choosing the right workplace safety sign holders and wall mounts can help your business stay compliant without costing you hundreds of dollars. Economical, environmentally friendly Hutchco sign holders allow you to replace faded signs and update obsolete signage without having to pay for new signs. Their transparent, vinyl plastic allows crystal clear display of all of your print materials, ensuring that colors remain compliant, true to your original print.

You’ll find a variety of plastic tabletop sign displays and wall mount sign holders for the diverse workplace safety signs that you need to place throughout your business or industrial facility. Hutchco plastic frames vary from small, business card displays, all the way up to 18 x 24 inches, which would include a poster-size wall sign. These sizes should cover the needs of most businesses.

If you’re not sure what kinds of signs your business needs, you can consult OSHA’s page, Specifications for accident prevention signs and tags.” You’ll find specific details about each of the different types of compliance signs and their placement and use.

Don’t let a $600 price tag for a set of pre-printed signs keep you from protecting your employees and customers and keep your business compliant to OSHA, NFPA, and ANSI standards. Hutchco’s sign holders are more cost-efficient than acrylic displays or vinyl, cardstock, or aluminum signs. Unlike acrylic sign holders, they even fold flat for more compact, low-cost shipping.

When it comes time to update signs, you’ll also save because you can reuse Hutchco’s environmentally friendly, American-made plastic tabletop sign displays and sign holder wall mounts. They come in different sizes for all of your workplace safety compliance sign needs.

15 Minutes of Fame: Hutchco Customer, Orion Swift

This edition’s 15 Minutes of Fame Hutchco customer, Orion Swift from Sunwarrior, takes great pride in the plant-based protein and superfood company founded in 2008 by Denley Fowlke and Nick Stern. As the Merchandise Specialist at Sunwarrior, Swift is enthusiastic in his support of the company’s mission “to renew ourselves, our minds, our bodies, and our world [and] transform the planet one warrior at a time.”

A healthy food warrior himself, Swift knows the products inside and out, and he gave me an awesome tour of the company’s offerings. He clearly demonstrated why plants provide the cleanest and healthiest protein options, along with their antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and phytonutrients.

Orion Swift’s Dry-Erase Easel Back Sign

We came across Orion because he purchased 500 Hutchco Easel Back Sign Holders. When I wrote him to invite him to participate in our 15 Minutes of Fame, his genius as a marketer popped right out of his email response.

He wrote, “We use our easel back signs as dry-erase boards, and to hold various messages on our live demo tables across the country. They also go on top of our shipper displays.” He made his email worth a thousand words by attaching a photo of the Hutchco Easel Back Sign Holder in use as a dry-erase sign.

Orion came up with the idea in a marketing meeting:

“One of our salespeople commented that it would be nice to have a blank sign that customers could write on. Having a background in the music industry, tour flyers popped into my mind.

“They have a blank spot for the venue to write the concert date and other details. I grabbed some samples of the Hutchco Easel Back Sign Holders that I had sitting around, picked one up, and said, ‘Okay, let’s try a dry erase marker on one of these!’”

Obviously, it worked. And that’s how Sunwarrior’s dry erase promotional signs became an important part of the company’s in-store marketing assets. They send one out with every product display. 

Why Sunwarrior Truly Creates Warriors

We ask all of our 15 Minutes of Fame interviewees to describe what is special about their workplace, and Swift had no problem answering the question. Denley Fowlke and Nick Stern developed their vegan plant-based protein because they simply could not find an existing protein powder that met their own health quality standards.

Listening to Orion talk about Sunwarrior products, it’s obvious that he and his co-workers truly believe in the cause to provide consumers with high-quality vegan plant-based protein. He answered every question like a practiced and trained warrior himself. After listing to his pitch, it was difficult to image a better quality product for people who care about their health.

I’d like to thank Orion Swift for his enthusiasm when I asked him about his purchase and invited him to our 15 Minutes of Fame interview. Listening to a Hutchco customer talk about their experience with passion and clear, well-founded facts makes our work at Hutchco more exciting. In addition, hearing about how he turned our plastic Easel Back Sign Holders into inexpensive, easy-to-ship dry erase signs for Sunwarrior’s product displays inspires me to learn more about our customers who purchase our products. Thanks again, Orion, for a wonderful interview and for sharing your idea with us!

7 Ways to Use Brochure Holders to Improve Your In-Store Sales

Something as simple as a brochure holder can make a big difference in your in-store sales. When a potential customer takes a brochure home, it can spur a purchase decision and provide the impetus for closing a deal.

Brochures can help you move your high-end merchandise and services because they serve as portable reminders of your offerings. They give your prospects the information and the reminder they need to contemplate their purchase decision.

The following seven ways to use Hutchco plastic brochure holders can help you encourage store visitors to take a brochure home to keep the sales process going:

1. Place brochure holders on accessible countertops.

Brochure holders on your store’s countertops place your promotional materials in front of customers who often stop and scan counters during their shopping journey. Strategically designed countertops can invite visitors to pause and contemplate display items.

While browsing, they will take more time to notice your brochure holder stands and their content, and the items on display. This provides an especially effective opportunity to promote high-margin merchandise. 

To make sure that your customers see your countertop print materials at their best, take advantage of Hutchco 8 ½ x 11 and 11 x 14 literature display stands with brochure holders. Both come with peel-and-stick pockets for either inboard or outboard placement.

2. Place brochure holders close to sale items and exhibits.

In-store sale items and exhibits attract the attention of shoppers who associate them with value. By locating brochure stands nearby, you can help shoppers associate high-end services or products with high-value items they already recognize.

Research from the fashion industry, for example, shows that consumers tend to perceive the value of items by affiliating them with nearby brands. That’s why promotional brochure holders, with brand information, placed near items of known value, can help upsell your high-margin products.

3. Promote loyalty programs with brochure display stands.

If your business deals in a product or service that customers buy repeatedly, creating a customer loyalty program can encourage them to buy from your business rather than from the competition. Some businesses, for example, offer a discount when customers prepay a month’s supply of a consumable, such as water refills or pet food. Others may offer free delivery to your office as a repeat customer.

You can promote your business loyalty program by placing a discount coupon holder with your brochure display stand on a counter near checkout. Your brochure can explain the terms and conditions of the program and how participants can maximize savings through continued allegiance. Special deals for loyal customers can help put your business above the competition and encourage brand devotion.

4. Brochure holders can promote offers, deals, and discounts.

You can promote your best offers, deals, and discounts by placing brochure holders near the store entrance. Store foyers provide high-visibility space for print materials promoting items in your store. A brochure holder stand right next to the door or near shopping baskets can get promotional materials in customers’ hands while they are thinking about similar purchases.

5. List your website, phone, and address on print materials.

You can include your business website, address, and phone number in a brochure to open up new shopping venues for potential customers. Brick-and-mortar shoppers can learn about your online offerings.

If you sell your product or service via phone contact, you already know the importance of listing your phone number. Even if your business handles customer orders by phone on rare occasions, including the number may help customers with questions and provide a way for less-technical shoppers to get in touch.

6. Brochure holders can help upsell high-end items.

Brochures make an excellent medium for promoting high-end products and services. Having the right brochure holder and well-designed print materials are especially important for upselling customers.

Hutchco can help you select the perfect brochure holders to provide the best presentation for your high-end products. Our brochure holder combinations allow you flexibility in your design.

Your brochures and display should appeal to the emotions, featuring exciting or touching images and appropriate colors. Avoid unnecessary jargon and prices to keep the reader focused on the emotional components of the sale.

7. Launch new products or services on brochure display stands.

A brochure display stand can introduce your customers to your new products or services. A brochure for a product launch should sell the idea to prospects. They may not yet know enough about your product or service to understand exactly how it can help them. Your brochure can fill in the gaps, appealing to their emotions with effective images and engaging words.

Try these ways to use brochure display stands in your store and see if it makes a difference in the dynamics of shoppers on your sales floor. Focus on your high-end, high-margin products and services, and remember that the brochure that leaves your store in the hands of your customers can and will work for you.

15 Minutes of Fame: Hutchco Customer, Sara J. Marchese

For this edition of 15 Minutes of Fame, we talked with Hutchco customer, Sara J. Marchese. An agent with New York Life Insurance Company’s Sunrise, Florida office, she told us about her team’s efforts to provide customers with the best products for their needs. She also described some of her office’s community outreach efforts. Everything she shared led us to understand that she loves her work and is proud of her workplace.

Sarah Marchese Uses Hutchco Peel and Stick Pockets

We met Sara because she purchased Hutchco peel and stick pockets. She said that she was looking for an attractive, professional-looking alternative to traditional tear-off advertising flyers.

She attaches the peel and stick pockets to her posters and puts her business cards in the pockets. She hangs the poster and pocket combinations in local spots, such as shopping centers, libraries, and coffee shops with community bulletin boards.

Her Work Means Much More Than a Sale

As Sara described her work with New York Life Insurance, her pride and enthusiasm rang with every word. She said that her group specializes in worksite whole life products for employees. They “provide portable employee benefits and enhancements to their existing policies, so they can take them as they move to other companies, protecting them for their whole lives, if they wish.”

It was absolutely astounding to hear how she and her co-workers endeavor to understand each client and find the best-fitting policy for each of them. “Our goal,” she said, “is to help cover as many south Florida employees as possible with permanent insurance so that their family can be protected long-term.”

She said so many beautiful things about her work and co-workers that it almost seemed unnecessary to ask her, “What’s special about your workplace?” I’m glad that I went ahead and asked anyway; here’s what she said: “The reason I do my work is not because of the paycheck but because of what I’m doing for families. My family is also a beneficiary of what we do at New York Life. I came into the business because of how New York Life protected us when a family member passed away. I want other families to have that protection, too.”

New York Life Insurance Outreach

Sara mentioned that her group works with the Coalition for Grieving Students. Just prior to talking with her, the Parkland School shooting incident occurred, and she and her colleagues went full force to provide help to students suffering grief.

In addition, her team participates in a Child ID Event which entails the participation of  parents with their children. The youngsters get fingerprinted and receive an ID card that parents can provide police in the event of an emergency involving the child. They work with Tomorrow’s Rainbow as well. This organization serves grieving children in the area.

Talking to Sara was inspiring because she is so dedicated to helping others. It’s wonderful how her team works together to protect and support the local community. Her conversation put life insurance in a new light, and we’re proud to have dedicated, caring customers like her using Hutchco peel and stick pockets to support their work efforts. Thank you, Sara, for sharing with us!

Make Your Trade Show Tabletop Display Pop! With Easel Back Sign Holders

Designing Tabletop Sign Holders for a Split-Second Impression

Hundreds of booths compete for attendee attention at trade shows. That’s why you need to make your booth stand out from the crowd. Hutchco easel back sign holders, and our other trade show displays, can easily set your table display apart from the rest.

Once a visitor comes to your booth, your tabletop sign holders can help build a good impression and focus attention on your products. According to Princeton psychologists, the human mind judges an image in about one-tenth of a second. You should take advantage of that fraction of a second by designing attractive signs.

Large and small Hutchco Tabletop Plastic Sign Holders, with clear cover and cardboard easel back stand, fold flat for easy packing and set up at your Trade Show event tables.

Large and small Tabletop Plastic Sign Holders, with clear cover and cardboard easel back stand, fold flat for easy packing and set up, at your Trade Show event tables and vendor booth.

A well-designed sign contains a simple yet bold image and little text. Although you might add a bullet list of product features, keep it very short and simple, covering no more than three messaging points per sign.

Using Trade Show Tabletop Displays with Your Products

Place your products on the table in front of you to turn them into conversation pieces. Put each in front of a Hutchco easel back sign holder, using the signs as backdrops for the products and to get your products in front of show attendees.

To help customers learn about your products, include a small photo on the tabletop display for each product. They’ll associate the text with its image, and it will help them match it to the physical product if you have a sample in your booth. Hutchco’s slanted sign holders make it easy for them to see your print material together with your products.

Choose the Best Displays for the Event

Before you print signs and order your plastic displays, it’s always a good idea to check with the event organizer to find out what types of displays vendors generally use. If exhibitors use large modular tabletop displays, you can keep your costs down and still compete by using several of Hutchco’s 11×14-inch easel back displays. Whether on a table or posted on a vertical display surface, you can vary size and types of displays in your exhibition, giving it a three-dimensional effect.

Make sure that you choose a display design that best fits your medium. For example, for tabletop signs and posters, the easel back display is perfect. Hutchco tabletop displays come in a range of sizes—from 4×5 through 18×24 inches—allowing you to use different print sizes.

Trifolds and other types of handouts work best in an easel back sign holder combination with peel and stick pockets. Hutchco makes several point-of-purchase (POP) displays just for this type of marketing collateral. It makes recyclable cardboard wings to attach to slanted sign holders, allowing you to place brochure pockets on one side of your print material.

At some events, exhibit organizers provide little table space. Postcard-sized tabletop sign holders can help you highlight small products, such as jewelry, plastic models, or manual precision tools.

The Hutchco Advantage

Hutchco plastic trade show tabletop displays have an edge over other signs that you’ll see at the trade show for several reasons. First of all, they cost very little, so you can use as many as you like in your booth. In addition, as soon as you receive your Hutcho tabletop display parcel, you will note how lightweight and compact they are, as opposed to a shipment of bulky, fragile, and expensive acrylic displays. That saves you a bundle on shipping. All of our cardboard/vinyl plastic tabletop displays fold flat for easy packing. You can easily slide them into your tradeshow travel kit.

For even easier transportation, think about having Hutchco send your displays directly to the trade show office or hotel room. This way you won’t have additional luggage fees at the airport, and you won’t have to spend any time waiting for them at baggage pick-up.

Contact our team today to learn more about our affordable, eco-friendly, shatterproof, and light-weight Hutchco trade show tabletop displays. Order the size and quantity you need and watch your trade show tabletop display pop!

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