Increase Sales with Coupon Holders and Peel & Stick Business Card Pockets

Increase Sales with Coupon Holders and Peel & Stick Business Card Pockets

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Hutchco coupon holders are peel and stick business card pockets that will get your promotional items in front of customers, encouraging in-store purchases through coupons. Coupons are just as relevant today as they have ever been, especially money-off coupons.  

To get an idea of the impact that coupons have on consumer buying habits, take a look at the following statistics from the merchant network, Access:

  • Coupons saved consumers $3.1 billion in 2017
  • On average, coupon users spend 24 percent more than other shoppers
  • In 2017, 92 percent of consumers used a coupon to make a purchase
  • 62 percent of loyal consumers use targeted offers from their favorite store
  • 83 percent of shoppers prefer in-store promotions
  • 97 percent of consumers seek deals while shopping
  • Before making a purchase, 74 percent of consumers review circulars and print ads

Design Print Coupons to Increase In-Store Conversions

A well-designed print coupon can help increase in-store conversions. Here are some tips to create effective print coupons in your place of business:

  1. Create an Engaging Offer. Plan your coupons around an enticing offer. The coupon can provide a discount, offer a bonus, provide a premium or add-on, or an opportunity for free information.
  2. Use Bold and Specific Headlines. Your coupons should have bold headlines that appeal to the customers’ emotions. Keep headlines specific so that coupon users understand exactly what your business is offering.
  3. Use Exciting Visuals. Interesting photographs and other images can make your coupon more enticing. In addition, a visually appealing design will stay in the mind of your customers longer.
  4. Use Your Logo in the Design. Take advantage of in-store coupons to build loyalty among shoppers. Putting your logo on coupons helps customers associate your business with savings or other offers.
  5. Make Effective Use of White Space. User experience expert, Prototypr, explains that proper use of white space can help improve user comprehension, focus and attention, interaction rate, grouping of items, branding, and overall feeling toward the message.
  6. Sell the Benefits. Although you may feel that the benefit of your offer seems obvious, your customers may need some reminding. For example, if you’re promoting an oil change, add a bullet list that shows the benefits of scheduling an oil change at your place of business, rather than somewhere else.
  7. Appeal to Self-Interest. Customers want to know exactly how they will benefit from accepting your coupon offer. If your business offers four tires for the price of three, make sure to clearly state that. Imagery is a great way to clearly demonstrate value—such as adding a photo of three tires, with a fourth tire leaning against them, or three tires “plus” one tire.
  8. Always Up-Sell. By offering coupons for premium spark plugs rather than standard spark plugs, you can use the coupon to let your customers know that they’ll get better mileage and more horsepower from the premium plugs. They get a better product, and your business makes a higher-margin sale.
  9. Use Powerful Words. Appeal to customer needs and desires with words they want to see. Use powerful words such as “save,” “amazing,” “guarantee,” “improved,” and “smarter.”
  10. Place Brochure Holders Throughout the Store. Put your coupons in brochure holders or brochure stands and place them throughout the store. Focus on high-traffic areas, where customers tend to gather or browse.
  11. Avoid Information Overload. Carefully edit your text, weeding out unnecessary words and concepts. Once you have edited it, edit again, or ask a coworker to do so. Every unnecessary word or phrase that you eliminate makes the remaining words more powerful.
  12. Tie Coupons to Holidays and Events. Is Independence Day around the corner? Print your coupons in red, white and blue, and invite your coupon-toting customers to a free foam drink koozie when they buy an auto safety kit.
  13. Add a Call-to-Action to Coupons. Adding a clear, strong call to action to a coupon can drive your customers towards receiving that benefit and reinforcing their  loyalty to your brand. For example, “Stop by our customer service counter for details” might be an effective call-to-action to help customers learn about extended warranties on power tools.

Selecting the Right Coupon Holders for Countertop Displays

Retail displays come in a variety of materials, sizes, and designs. Take a look at our newest trio of bright white brochure stands, that ship flat and are made from 100% recycled paperboard. Clear, transparent plastic Hutchco frames make the best coupon holders because they’re affordable, durable, and versatile. Some of our most popular models for displaying and holding coupons include:

Hutchco offers a robust selection of coupon displays to fit your in-store needs and marketing objectives. Speak with a Hutchco display pro today.

You can increase your sales with an in-store coupon display marketing campaign. Customers who see multiple coupon displays while shopping learn to associate them with discounts and other benefits. Hutchco brochure holders and brochure stands come in different sizes and are only two of the many plastic frames available on our website.

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