Hutcho Plastic Displays Help You Focus and Save Money

Hutcho Plastic Displays Help You Focus and Save Money

You know that your trade show promotional booth has been a success when you go to get a cup of coffee and see your “take one” brochures in the hands of attendees. The right countertop brochure holders for your booth makes the difference. How do you select the best brochure display systems for a successful trade show marketing campaign?

Plastic countertop brochure holders help you get your promotional materials into visitors’ hands while you tend to visitors with questions. Hutchco brochure display systems cost very little and represent a one-time investment. They stay where you put them: on a table behind you, to the sides, or between you and the passing attendees.

Although you’ll find many kinds of point of purchase (POP) displays, focusing on combination sign and brochure holders simplifies your search without limiting your options.

Hutchco Combination Sign & Brochure Holders

Combination sign and brochure holders include two or three components each, depending upon the model you choose:

  • Easel-back Sign. Each Hutchco sign holder comes with with an attached easel-back, rigid cardboard support and a slant-back design that keeps them stable on flat tabletops (see figure below). When you sandwich your reprint, sell sheet or paper-print sign between the sturdy white cardboard backing and the crystal-clear plastic cover screen, viewers have a good view of your paper document. These sign holders ship flat, thanks to the foldable cardboard support, and weigh much less than acrylic holders. Easier on the environment and your shipping budget.
  • Peel and Stick Brochure Pocket. Secondly, each combination comes with a peel and stick pocket that you can either apply directly to the easel-back sign holder or to the third main component of the combination sign and brochure holder to create an additional cardboard side-wing.

If you choose an inboard design, your display will look like the example on the left. It works great with a reprint composition that has space for in-board pocket placement.

  • Outboard Wing. Finally, if you want to show off the whole sign, you’ll need to select an outboard model for your combination sign and brochure holder, as shown above, on the right. The cardboard wing allows you to fix the brochure pocket outside the sign display area, and Hutchco will, at your request, custom size outboard wings to fit customer needs. We cary seven sizes of peel and stick pockets, varying from business card size to 8.5” wide pockets for larger pamphlets.

Countertop Brochure Holders Come in Two Sizes

By having both the sign and pamphlet in the display, the combination sign and brochure holders makes for one of the showiest countertop brochure holders to showcase your print materials. Hutchco sign holders come in both 8 ½ x 11-inch and 11 x 14-inch sizes to fit the two most-common paper sizes.

Eco-Friendly, Practical Combination Sign and Brochure Holders

When you select countertop brochure holders for their functionality, don’t forget that you can also make environmentally-friendly choices when you purchase displays. Hutchco combination sign and brochure holders are reusable and they hold up to the wear and tear of travel and accidents. That makes them naturally eco-friendly, but they also have 100% recycled paperboard backing and wings. And, they are made from recyclable plastics, rather than environmentally expensive acrylic. Make sure that your signs have a future beyond their life as a display piece.

You put a lot of time and effort into your brochures and reprints or paper signs. After spending time and money designing a brochure, you want to make sure that it looks spectacular on your display table.

Simplify the selection process by choosing Hutchco brochure display systems. By modifying how you use their two or three components and different sizes, you can show off your print materials in a variety of ways. Plastic countertop brochure holders and your reprints make the perfect combination for eye-catching displays to get your brochures into the hands of trade show attendees.

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