Cardboard Brochure Holders – Ship Flat Displays

Cardboard Brochure Holders – Ship Flat Displays



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Why are Hutchco “Ship-Flat” Brochure Holders the Smart Choice?

  • Designed not to tip over! — Sturdy cardboard brochure holders for counter displays
  • High quality board, not chipboard — Solid white 48pt. cardboard literature holders
  • Not corrugated, flimsy, or foam core — Durable, “smart looking” smooth cardboard
  • Ships flat for savings on freight and storage — Easy to assemble literature holders
  • Eco-friendly and 100% Made in the USA — Made from 100% recycled paperboard
  • Add your logo with custom labels — Free quote, ask about design services option
White Cardboard Brochure Holders look smart with a logo added to the front panel. HUTCHCO can help “polish” your logo to make ready for printing logo label stickers

Logo label stickers attract attention, and help advertise your brand, while the countertop brochure displays hold event marketing print materials

Large White Cardboard Brochure Holders 8.5”wide x 11”high for holding Tabletop Literature Displays. Sturdy ship flat holds pamphlets and booklets, flyers and sell sheets up to 8.5 inches wide.

Large 8.5” wide Cardboard Brochure Holder Displays are designed not to tip over! Your marketing flyers, booklets and brochures stand out in the bright white tabletop displays.

How to Set Up HUTCHCO White Cardboard Brochure Holders, the easy way to assemble ship-flat literature displays

Set up your Ship-Flat Brochure Display Holders, in 3 easy steps. Bright white Cardboard Literature Displays for holding all your marketing brochures.

Display Your Brochures in Stylish Holders

Your search for ideal cardboard brochure holders is over! Say Goodbye to corrugated displays forever, and Hello to Hutchco solid white cardboard holders. They’re a popular and affordable way to share detailed information on promotions, products and services. Give your customers the professional and convenient way to view and remove take-home pamphlets. A far better way to show off your brand in style, on any budget, in a highly presentable way.

Why Our Cardboard Literature Holders Work

Any countertop or flat surface becomes premium ad space with Hutchco free-standing brochure holders. Now, get started and wow customers with your brilliant marketing displays. And take advantage of the free counter space!

  • The Perfect Solution for Every Budget

    We believe quality should not come with a high price tag. Our sturdy and stylish white cardboard brochure holders are the simple solution for any marketer on a tight budget. With volume discount bulk pricing we offer more savings everyday. Appreciate the benefit of affordable pricing, and get that professional look with literature displays that will not shatter and crack. As expensive plastic brochure holders are best known for.

  • No More Tipping Over

    Quick and easy counter displays should not be a flimsy display. Designed for maximum stability, our single pocket literature boxes enhance your retail space with reliable brochure holders that will not tip over. These solid well-crafted displays are are easy to set up — no learning curve required! The quick assembly makes an instant display that’s perfect for showcasing company promotions, products and services. Your brochures, booklets, pamphlets, and flyers stay organized, professional and polished on any counter and tabletop. Best of all, they are an effortless and affordable way to show off your brand in style.

  • Countertop Brochure Holders

    You are putting your brochures in a spotlight, beautifully organized in our bright white cardboard holders. Perfect for pop-up events and last minute promotions. Where much needed literature displays can be instantly ready, with just a few quick moves. Fold your displays at the 3 score lines, then slide the 2 side panels into the 2 punched out openings. Lastly, wiggle the side panels in far enough to lock them in the notches. Voila! All set for your marketing materials to get noticed and into the hands of potential customers.

Additional Options

  • Add Your Logo

    Instantly customize these brochure holders with your company logo. By adding custom appliques, you’re creating an countertop display with your recognizable brand. Perhaps your business has printed labels on hand. If not, we can help develop your logo into a printable image. And work up a quote for printing your unique labels. Just ask!

  • Add Your Business Cards

    Quickly add Business Card Holders to your cardboard displays with Hutchco Peel & Stick Pockets. The front panels on all 3 brochure holders can accommodate our adhesive business card pocket. Share this available counter space with your business cards, gift cards, and coupons. And as a result, you won’t need an extra card holder display.

Go Green!

Last but not least — Sustainable Sourcing still matters! Our smooth and solid white cardboard brochure holders are 100% made from recycled paperboard, as well as our cardboard easel back sign holders.

100% Recycled paperboard can be beautiful. HUTCHCO bright white cardboard does not look like standard recycled products. Our board is polished and professional. Here’s a content list of the paperboard used in our cardboard easel back sign holders, and cardboard brochure holders.

100% Recycled paperboard can be beautiful! Here is the material breakdown of Post-Consumer and Post-Industrial content which makes HUTCHCO bright white cardboard products. This includes our cardboard brochure holders, and easel back sign holders.


The fact that we can produce a long lasting, and environmentally friendly product is very important to us. Take a look at this visual illustration of our recycled material breakdown. It is interesting to learn what contents go into making the 100% recycled paperboard.


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4 inch wide, 5.5 inches wide, 8.5 inches wide

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