Countertop Display Stands - What are You Really Paying For?

Countertop Display Stands - What are You Really Paying For?

If you use acrylic countertop display stands, what motivates you to buy them? Are you looking for something that is:

  • Lightweight
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Completely transparent
  • Strong, durable, and long-lived
  • Easy to use and reuse
  • Suitable for all situations, because it protects your materials and comes in a variety of orientations and sizes

Alternatives to acrylic display stands can provide you with all of these benefits and more. Once you compare more affordable vinyl and cardboard countertop display stands to alternatives such as acrylic display stands, we think that you will agree: When you paid for acrylic, you paid too much. See what alternatives to acrylic display stands have to offer.

Additional Benefits of Alternatives to Acrylic Display Stands

Hutchco countertop sign holders and display stands have the qualities that attracted you to acrylic countertop display stands. Here’s how they compare.

Hutchco Countertop Sign Holders and Display Stands Cost Less

Compare the price of the acrylic countertop display stands that you have used with vinyl countertop sign holders and display stands. Why do vinyl countertop sign holders and display stands cost so much less than traditional acrylic options, yet offer the same benefits? Our products, made of vinyl and cardboard, ship flat, making for a compact, lightweight package when shipping. You know the parcel service rules: small, light packages cost much less than bulky, heavy packages.

Acrylic countertop display stands, on the other hand, are rigid and do not fold to form neat, ship-flat stacks. That’s bulk.

In addition, acrylic items, being about 30% more dense and much thicker than either cardboard or vinyl, weigh more than vinyl and cardboard equivalents. Compare your shopping carts, and you will see that alternatives to acrylic display stands cost less and ship for less. You save twice.

Unbreakable and Chip-Proof Countertop Sign Holders and Display Stands

If you drop an acrylic sign holder, it may chip. Accidentally g a box on it might cause it to break. Hutchco countertop sign holders and display stands will not chip or break. The first time you pack our vinyl display stands into a briefcase or box of promotional items, you will appreciate their lightweight, thin flexibility.

You’ll also love their durability at display time when you place them countertops next to the vi2ing customer. CustomSrs like to handle them and sometimes accidentally knock them on the floor: but there are no chips and no cracks! That’s when their durability is a big plus.

Worried About Transparency?

Some consumers like the transparent, optical clarity of acrylic because it shows off their promotional materials. However, once you slide your flyers into Hutchco’s countertop sign holders and display stands, you will note that their ultra-thin plastic face has the same optical transparency that you have come to appreciate in thicker acrylic countertop display stands.

Our Planet Will Appreciate Vinyl

Both acrylics and vinyls are types of plastics, but not all plastics are created equally. Recyclers will not accept waste made of acrylics. Vinyl plastics, on the other hand, receive a warm welcome in the recycling bin.

In addition, acrylics require a relatively high petroleum input, while vinyl plastics contain a high percentage of chlorine, made from inexpensive, easy-to-mine salt. You just earned two savings points for your planet!

What are you really paying for when you buy acrylic countertop display stands? You pay for an expensive production process that gives you a product no better than vinyl display stands. Hutchco countertop sign holders and display stands give you all the benefits of acrylic, plus flat, lightweight storage, no chipping and cracking, and low-cost shipping.

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