What's in Your Pocket Now?

What's in Your Pocket Now?

Office Lunchroom with HUTCHCO 4″  Peel and Stick Brochure Pocket

What can you do with the extra Hutchison “Peel & Stick” pockets after your latest marketing campaign is over? Why not attach them around the office, lunch room or even the utility room for useful literature holders?

Clever Idea #1: Firmly press a Peel and Stick pocket onto the side of your microwave and hold favorite take-out menus! Yes— our plastic brochure holders easily adhere to smooth dry metal, glass windows and doors, as well as all poster boards and sign holder displays.

Clever Idea #2: Peel & Stick” another 4 inch pocket to the side of a metal toolbox to hold a few easily misplaced small gadgets! Click here to learn more about HUTCHCO Peel and Stick Brochure Pockets.

No minimum orders EVER!

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