Sherry Flugel
15 Minutes of Fame: Hutchco Customer, Sherry Flugel

15 Minutes of Fame: Hutchco Customer, Sherry Flugel

For this edition of 15 Minutes of Fame, we spoke with Sherry Flugel. She is the director of communications for the First Congregational Church of Glen Ellyn (FCCGE), which is welcoming, open to everyone, and active in many community events. Our conversation left me brimming with optimism and grateful that Hutchco can assist a wonderful person like Sherry, who enthusiastically supports a welcoming place of hope, to worship, serve, and dream. Sherry came to us looking for durable stick-on pockets to hold brochures that invite people to worship and participate in ongoing community events.

Sherry Flugel Utilizes Peel and Stick Business Card Holders

Sherry Flugel is very passionate about her work, and loves the family feel and customer service of Hutchco: “Most companies require huge orders. You are so accommodating to us smaller organizations, allowing us to order only what we need, no matter how small,” Sherry told us. “You worked with our budget and were so kind.”

Sherry purchased Hutchco peel and stick pockets for her church and community outreach displays. With limited resources, the church needed a cost-effective way to display informative brochures for newcomers at Sunday worship services. She attached stick-on brochure holder pockets to large poster displays in the building—two posters are right inside the door that most members enter from, and two more posters hang by the sanctuary door.

I was fascinated by Sherry’s ingenious way of using a 4” pocket and a business card pocket together. She explained in detail how our peel and stick pockets have helped the church reach out to the local community:

Sherry Flugel

“I have double-decker pockets holding UCC brochures and the others hold ‘Visitor’ stickers that visitors wear. Some visitors want to quietly and anonymously attend, while others want to be recognized, so we leave the visitor sticker decision up to the individual. Your pockets allow them to help themselves. Even with people reaching into the pockets and most likely pulling on them a bit, they never come unstuck. These pockets were exactly what we needed for our visitor display! Our building is used by many outside groups (Scouts, AA, a counseling service, the local high school, etc.), and amazingly, the pockets have not fallen apart or yellowed.”

Sherry also loves our 11″ x 17″ and 8″ x 11″ tabletop easel sign holders. She was happy to explain why she likes them so much: “They are easy to load—we simply slip the paper poster into the clear plastic cover, then slip the easel back in. The clear plastic protects the poster, keeps it from unattaching, and looks professional. Plus, the other boss thing is that you offer them in portrait and landscape. They are sturdy, and can be used over and over again!”

Serving Others at FCCGE

FCCGE believes in the acceptance of everyone who values a genuine commitment to faith, family, and community. Their open arms make a tremendous difference in this world, and we are honored to be a part of their amazing endeavors. We are grateful for wonderful customers like Sherry Flugel who are making a difference. We are proud to know that Hutchco products help to encourage new journeys of faith, dedication to family, and support for their community. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story, Sherry!

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