Karen Drucker Tabletop Displays HUTCHCO 8.5 x 11 Easel Back Sign Holder
15 Minutes of Fame: Karen Drucker Musical Event Displays Hutchco Sign Holders

15 Minutes of Fame: Karen Drucker Musical Event Displays Hutchco Sign Holders


This edition of 15 Minutes of Fame features Karen Drucker, a talented singer, songwriter, author, and motivational speaker. She describes herself as a Positive Message Artist, leading workshops at women’s retreats, mind-body health spiritual conferences, and at various churches around the country. While sharing her inspiring message of healing and personal empowerment, Karen likes to travel with informational displays about her mission and music. Looking for a durable plastic sign holder easel display that travels well in her suitcase led her right to Hutchco Displays.

Praise for Easy-to-Use Plastic Sign Holder Displays

Karen loves the exceptional durability of Hutchco sign holder displays, specifically our 8.5” x 11” easel back sign holders. “I love my sign, and it helps display the prices for all my products,” she told us. “Plus, they are affordably priced.”

Karen travels all over the country for keynote talks and concerts. “My easel has been with me on many airline flights,” she said. “It’s easy to travel with, and packs easily. It fits right in my small suitcase, and it never gets damaged. This is a product that I will continue to use forever because it’s great.”

Karen Drucker using Easel Back Sign Holders from HutchCo

Tabletop Display with Sign Holders and an Inspiring Message of Healing and Positivity

Taking a moment to listen to Karen’s music, I can truly appreciate how her spiritual voice may inspire and give strength to those on their path of healing. She has been called “a master of communicating presence and spirituality through music.” She loves creating music, making a difference, and touching hearts. Karen’s work invokes love, healing, gratitude, and faith, and her non-denominational songs and chants are affirmations for manifesting and deepening our spiritual connection.

Karen told us, “I used to be a blues and jazz singer, and I began writing songs that had a positive message, specifically a healing message for people who were going through cancer treatments. It made a huge impact on me and them.”

Ever since then, she has focused her music on the practice of healing. “I want to be a person who makes a difference,” she said. “When I get letters from people telling me that my songs or chants have helped them deal with illness, loss, or just help them center for the day, it validates that I am doing my right work. With my tabletop display easel sign holders, I can share my message in many places, including New Thought churches. I am grateful for your company and the fine work you do.”

Hutchco is so thankful for customers like Karen Drucker who have discovered that our products help display information during presentations around the country. Thanks again, Karen, for a wonderful interview and for sharing your message of positivity as you continue to be a pillar of hope for so many people!

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