15 Minutes of Fame: Hutchco Customer, Sara J. Marchese

15 Minutes of Fame: Hutchco Customer, Sara J. Marchese

For this edition of 15 Minutes of Fame, we talked with Hutchco customer, Sara J. Marchese. An agent with New York Life Insurance Company’s Sunrise, Florida office, she told us about her team’s efforts to provide customers with the best products for their needs. She also described some of her office’s community outreach efforts. Everything she shared led us to understand that she loves her work and is proud of her workplace.

Sarah Marchese Uses Hutchco Peel and Stick Pockets

We met Sara because she purchased Hutchco peel and stick pockets. She said that she was looking for an attractive, professional-looking alternative to traditional tear-off advertising flyers.

She attaches the peel and stick pockets to her posters and puts her business cards in the pockets. She hangs the poster and pocket combinations in local spots, such as shopping centers, libraries, and coffee shops with community bulletin boards.

Her Work Means Much More Than a Sale

As Sara described her work with New York Life Insurance, her pride and enthusiasm rang with every word. She said that her group specializes in worksite whole life products for employees. They “provide portable employee benefits and enhancements to their existing policies, so they can take them as they move to other companies, protecting them for their whole lives, if they wish.”

It was absolutely astounding to hear how she and her co-workers endeavor to understand each client and find the best-fitting policy for each of them. “Our goal,” she said, “is to help cover as many south Florida employees as possible with permanent insurance so that their family can be protected long-term.”

She said so many beautiful things about her work and co-workers that it almost seemed unnecessary to ask her, “What’s special about your workplace?” I’m glad that I went ahead and asked anyway; here’s what she said: “The reason I do my work is not because of the paycheck but because of what I’m doing for families. My family is also a beneficiary of what we do at New York Life. I came into the business because of how New York Life protected us when a family member passed away. I want other families to have that protection, too.”

New York Life Insurance Outreach

Sara mentioned that her group works with the Coalition for Grieving Students. Just prior to talking with her, the Parkland School shooting incident occurred, and she and her colleagues went full force to provide help to students suffering grief.

In addition, her team participates in a Child ID Event which entails the participation of  parents with their children. The youngsters get fingerprinted and receive an ID card that parents can provide police in the event of an emergency involving the child. They work with Tomorrow’s Rainbow as well. This organization serves grieving children in the area.

Talking to Sara was inspiring because she is so dedicated to helping others. It’s wonderful how her team works together to protect and support the local community. Her conversation put life insurance in a new light, and we’re proud to have dedicated, caring customers like her using Hutchco peel and stick pockets to support their work efforts. Thank you, Sara, for sharing with us!

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