15 Minutes of Fame: Hutchco Customer and Child and Teen Advocate, Taume Kohl

15 Minutes of Fame: Hutchco Customer and Child and Teen Advocate, Taume Kohl

Hutchco customer Taume Kohl absolutely convinced us that she has a unique workplace at the Association for the Prevention of Family Violence (APFV) in Elkhorn, Wisconsin. The association provides support to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, harassment, stalking, and human trafficking, and their families. APFV advocates for victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse, and provides community education about these issues.

Taume is a professional social worker and child and teen advocate. Her team promotes their services during three specific months each year. In April, they focus on sexual assault awareness. During October, they promote awareness of domestic violence, and February marks dating violence awareness month.

She spread the word about dating violence awareness this year by reaching out to local schools and asking if she could post signs about healthy relationships. Taume affixed Hutchco peel-and-stick business card holders to the posters, “so if someone is not sure if their relationship is healthy or needs help because their relationship is unhealthy or unsafe, they can grab my business card and contact us.”

To make sure that the posters always stay stocked with business cards, she places a note behind the cardholder. It says, “When empty please call me for more,” and she delivers them.

The association takes advantage of other opportunities, such as the Walworth County Fair, to provide community members with information about their supportive services. She commented that many people in the region do not really understand what a healthy relationship is. By attending public events, their association helps spread the word and gets in front of people who need their services.

The organization’s three full-time and two part-time staff serve over 800 people a year. “We are always busy,” says Taume. “But we never turn people away.”

Taume is passionate about her work. She loves that she and the others at APFV contribute to improved quality of life among her community members. Many of these community members do not have the resources to get the kind of support that her organization provides.

“What makes us unique is that the people who come to our agency want our services. We receive clients who have a need in their life. They may be unhappy or unsafe, and they need help.” That’s unique among the counseling and support agencies in the county, which tend to provide mostly court-ordered services. APFV serves a 100% voluntary community.

We’re thankful to know that we have customers such as Taume Kohl. We are proud to know that our peel-and-stick pockets help her team promote the prevention of family violence. We’re also honored that important community members like Taume come to us for help reaching those in need.

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