Money-saving tips for using POP Displays at trade show exhibits & conferences

Money-saving tips for using POP Displays at trade show exhibits & conferences

Your print collateral is ready to go, but do you have the best POP Displays ready to display marketing material? We offer 5 conference and convention money-saving tips to help your marketing budget when you have a big event coming up. Having paid out for vendor fees, organization subscriptions, flights, dining, lodging, and other travel expenses, you don’t want to add excessive display supplies to the bill.

By taking advantage of these conference money-saving tips, you can make sure that you have your Point of Purchase (POP) display supplies on hand while you concentrate on networking and boosting your brand, products and services.

5 Conference and Convention Money-Saving Tips

1. Ship Your Materials Ahead of Time

If you have ever flown to a conference and gotten hit with an unexpected baggage fee, you know that it can really cut into your margin. You can save time and money, while reducing hassles, by having your point-of-purchase (POP) display supplier, insert your promotional materials and flyers into countertop signs holders and displays for you, and ship them directly to your conference center.

When you reach the conference center or hotel, they’ll be waiting for you, ready to pull out of their packaging to display and show to conference attendees. You won’t waste time waiting for extra luggage at the airport terminal, or wonder if all of your checked luggage made it into the cargo on your last-minute flight change.

2. Use Inexpensive Displays for a Return on Investment

Affordable custom POP displays bring down the cost of supplying vendors with display materials. For example, with their reusable, low-cost easel-back, plastic sign holder frames can cost 50% less than acrylic displays. With the savings, you can afford to give them away to store owners and vendors who sell for you so they can display them in their own locations.

3. Invest in Reusable Durability for Longer-Term Use

In spite of the fact that they are less expensive than acrylic tabletop displays, durable Hutcho custom POP vinyl displays will not break or chip like the more costly acrylic materials. Made from shatterproof, reusable plastic, our easel-back sign holders and business card holders stand up to repeated use, eliminating the need to buy new materials each time you present at another conference.

With Hutchco reusable easel-back sign holder frames, you’ll never have to spend again on expensive custom, color-printed displays at the print shop. Instead, you can use your own color printer in your office to print up new promotional materials. You’ll avoid waiting for print shop orders or having to return improperly printed displays. And, you’ll avoid middleman costs by printing up your own promotional materials and sliding them into the reusable easel-back sign holder frames.

Because you’re printing your own materials, changes in your offering’s price or specs won’t have to be an expensive change, nor will you have to order new displays. If you require print-shop quality, you can still add your commercially printed material to our durable business card holders and easel-back sign holders by just switching out the obsolete promotional materials.

4. Save by Preserving Your Existing Print Materials

The removable clear plastic cover sleeves on our easel-back sign holders not only act as an attractive display for your printed materials, but they keep them in better shape. Unprotected stacks of brochures, flyers, and even business cards can become dingy and dog-eared when moving them from conference to conference.

With your print materials sandwiched within the clear plastic cover-sleeve of a Hutchco easel-back sign holder, or stashed away in a business card holder, potential customers visiting your table can get a clear view of each flyer without necessarily handling them.

Your print materials will last longer and reach more qualified customers, instead of ending up in the garbage can next to the conference hall exit.

5. Keep Alternative Print Materials and Displays on Hand

When you head to a conference, you never know exactly what sort of exhibit space conference organizers will assign you. Sometimes the picture-perfect examples online don’t quite match your assigned space layout. Make sure that you have some alternative POP displays on hand so that you can readily adapt to whatever space your conference organizer provides.

If you were expecting a gigantic table with little vertical display space, for example, your brochure holder combos might not fit well on the free-standing pegboard or cork board display assigned to your space. By carrying a supply of easel-back sign holders or cardboard brochure holders, you can adapt to different spaces without having to having to pay for expensive rush-order pre-printed display signs to fit unexpected conditions.


Early shipping, inexpensive displays, re-usable durability, preserving print materials, and alternative options with Hutchco POP displays can make your conference or convention experience less expensive and more manageable. Enjoy concentrating on your customer network while POP displays keep your materials safe, organized and in full view of your audience.

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