15 Minutes of Fame: Allison Wood of Richter Healthcare Consultants

15 Minutes of Fame: Allison Wood of Richter Healthcare Consultants

At Hutchco, we appreciate our customers. They all have such interesting stories to tell. We decided to ask some recent Hutchco customers to tell us what they consider special about their business or organization. Allison Wood, of Richter Healthcare Consultants, was the first in line. Richter’s clients, long-term post-acute care (LTPAC) providers, include home care and hospice, assisted living facilities, nursing facilities, and other health care facilities.

Allison Wood of Richter Healthcare Consultants

You know that a business has something special about it when an employee quickly steps forward to tell others about what she admires about her place of work. Richter Healthcare Consultants(RHC), according to Allison Wood, is one of those places worth talking about.

Richter, a full service accounting firm, offers clinical financial consulting to LTPAC providers nationwide. As the company’s Marketing Coordinator, Allison told us why she appreciates the team at RHC.

Much More Than Consulting

Consulting, Allison explained, is only part of Richter Healthcare Consultants’ overall strategy. “I think what really sets us apart is how much we really care about the client. While we do offer consulting, our main goal is to allow providers to give the best care possible to their residents, and we make that easier.”

The goal, says Allison, “is to work with the facilities as a team. Our job is to help them get where they would like to be and go on that journey with them.” They do that by making sure that everyone is up-to-date with the recent regulations in an industry where things change constantly.

Providing Information in a Dynamic Industry

RHC staff teach the company’s clients the basics about their electronic health record software. The company offers clinical, financial, and Medicaid consulting. In addition, it offers Revenue Cycle Management services.

Information changes quickly in the healthcare industry, and that’s a challenge for the employees of LTPAC providers. RHC helps them with the operational, clinical, financial, and regulatory issues, as well as assisting them with the technological, legal, and regulatory changes that affect healthcare providers. Allison said that “no matter what, we want to make sure that they’re fully informed.”

Along with the caring nature of her co-workers, Allison commented that she was impressed by how much the long-term care facilities employees have to know. She reflected, “I respect them a lot for that.”

As she works among the consultants at Richter, Allison learns about their work. She listenings to them work with clients and witnesses, first hand, how much the consultants care for their customers.

“One of our senior consultants,” she related, “will be talking to a client and I’ll hear her say, ‘Hey, take a step back! Take a deep breath!’ She’s really good at talking to people and giving them a second to collect their thoughts before going on to teach them what she had originally set out to.”


We would like to thank our Hutchco customer, Allison Wood, the Marketing Coordinator with Richter Healthcare Consultants, for being the first in line to tell her story. She purchased our easel back sign holders and uses them for outreach. She also commented that they’re great around the workplace for displaying inspiring phrases and sayings.

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