15 Minutes of Fame: How Aurai Air Extracted Water Uses Brochure Holders

15 Minutes of Fame: How Aurai Air Extracted Water Uses Brochure Holders


Kathy Burfield, co-founder and director of sales for Aurai Air Extracted Water, uses our brochure holders in demos and restaurants, to make customers aware of the source of the water being used.

We interviewed Kathy recently to understand what Aurai does. Texas-based Aurai (pronounced “ah-rye-a”), literally turns air into drinking water – using a patented, eco-friendly process that extracts water via condensation from the air. Kathy’s enthusiasm for environmental awareness flows from her as she speaks.

Texas Needs Sustainably Sourced Drinking Water

Initiatives like Aurai’s mean a lot in states in the southwestern U.S. Natural aridity, heavy industrial water use, agricultural water consumption, and a booming, water-thirsty human population threaten the state’s groundwater supply. The Houston-Galveston Region, according to the U.S. Geological Survey, suffers from heavy aquifer drawdown.

The Environmental Working Group recently identified “37 water utilities serving nearly 25,000 Texans in violation of federal standards for radium.” That’s a red flag for Texas’ drinking water supply, and it’s not the only one. The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas points out the severity of the problem, stating that “water scarcity has the potential to impede the state’s economic growth.”

The Aurai Initiative and Environmental Education

Initiatives like Aurai’s make an important contribution to environmental education. In addition, as global groundwater issues increase, knowing that someone has already worked out a sustainable solution might be critical when extreme scarcity hits specific communities.

Interestingly, despite the water scarcity, says Kathy, “A lot of people haven’t even thought about the world water crisis, or they don’t associate it with their own lives. When I talk to them they say, “Oh my gosh! You’re right!”

She commented that Texans have really embraced the Aurai initiative, and she said that “Just bringing awareness to people has been amazing.”

Proud of Healthy, Tasty Aurai Water

Kathy proudly pointed out that Aurai is special in ways beyond environmental friendliness. The company makes a very pure, healthy, and tasty product:

A lot of larger water bottling companies add a lot of things back into the water. Aurai’s not like that. It’s pure water: with a total dissolved solids, or TDS, content of nine parts per million (ppm). Whereas a lot of our other bottled water has TDS of 150 or even 250ppm. So there’s a big difference in the amount of solids in the water. Our’s is basically pure water, with TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) of about nine parts.”

The Winged Spirits of Ancient Greece: a Green Initiative

The company name, “Aurai,” says Kathy, comes from Greek mythology. These winged spirits were the daughters of the Anemoi, the gods of the four directional winds.”

“Aurai is born of the breezes,” says the company web page. Good tasting, sustainably sourced, and socially responsible water does indeed seem to bring life back to the ancient spirits of the past.

Aurai Air Extracted Water Appeals to Health-Conscious Consumers

The product, says Ms. Burfield, appeals largely to health conscious and environmentally conscious consumers. “Our customers are concerned about healthy eating. Many bring their own bags to the grocery store, and many recycle, rather than just throwing cardboard and plastic into the trash.”

Sustainable water sources will be critical in the future as water consumption grows and aquifers drop. Taking care of our planet is important, and today, commented Aurai’s co-founder, “so many communities already have recycling plants, and everybody recycles. We’re seeing deposits on bottles again. So it’s coming.”

Millenials like Aurai Too!

Kathy commented that she likes to show that Aurai’s product is sustainably sourced. She wants customers to understand that it’s local. “We’re not pulling out of the ground. And we’re concerned about the environment and sustainability.”

Millennials, she pointed out, have an especially strong environmental consciousness. They comment that they feel good about purchasing Aurai because they’re not purchasing scarce groundwater.


Talking with Kathy about Aurai Air Extracted Water was truly exciting. Her enthusiasm for the product and environmental awareness flowed from her as she spoke. We met Kathy when she purchased sign holders from us, and uses them in demos and in restaurants. We would like to thank our Hutchco customer, Kathy Burfield, the co-founder and U.S. director of sales at Aurai, for sharing her company’s story with us.

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