15 Minutes of Fame: Hutchco Customer, Ernesto Contenti, President of Pillowsonic

15 Minutes of Fame: Hutchco Customer, Ernesto Contenti, President of Pillowsonic

Ernesto Contenti, the President of Pillowsonic U.S., LLC, spent a lot of time thinking about his digital pillow speakers before they became a reality in the year 2000. “Statistically, a lot of people have problems going to sleep at night,” he explains. “When you go to bed, you think that is the end of your problems. But then you find that you are too stressed to fall asleep. That is the reason why I came up with this product.”

A Practical Audio Experience in a Pillow

Contenti designed his Pillowsonic device as an audio accessory for your pillow. It connects to any sound source with a 3.5-mm audio jack, like the one on most digital players, smart phones, televisions, and radios. You place it under your pillow, and it plays your audio content clearlyatintimate, safe-volume levels, as the sound emerges from under your pillow. It allows users to listen to podcasts, the radio, or music without the discomfort and isolation of headsets or earbuds.

“It’s very simple. It’s not rocket science,” says Contenti, “but it’s something that covers a need. It can improve the well-being of people in a non-invasive way. You don’t need a prescription for these. You don’t need to inject anything. You don’t need to take any pills. It’s basically a nice product, and it helps people.”

A Product to Be Proud Of

When talking with Ernesto Contenti one hears the excitement in his voice. He enthuses, “It’s very, very satisfying to see that something we put out there helps people. That, essentially, has been my biggest motivator behind my dream about the product. I’m doing something that I’m proud of.”

He seems especially pleased that his product is not only practical, but it actually has very good sound quality. He explains, “This is open sound, but it’s very, very subdued. It’s enough to be very enjoyable to listen to, appreciate its binaural effects, the stereo 3-D sound. If you have had any experience with 3D sound, it’s the most realistic sound you can hear. You think that you’re right there; you’re seeing what you’re hearing. It’s amazing.”

How Ernesto Contenti Promotes Pillowsonic

The Pillowsonic website has all the information that customers need to learn about and buy his devices. We were fortunate to meet Ernesto because he happened to purchase some Hutchco brochure holder combos. He told us about how he uses them to market his Pillowsonic devices: “I purchased some Hutchco table displays not too long ago, and I started putting my rack cards in the offices of physicians, chiropractors, and others in the healthcare field. We’re also putting them in pain clinics, dentists’ offices, and geriatric care centers, where families come to visit relatives and gather. We have already had people replying!”

It was really fun talking with Ernesto about Pillowsonic and hearing the story of how his product grew from an idea into the pillow speaker that he proudly sells today. It’s exciting to hear that kind of enthusiasm, and even more so when he tells us how our own Hutchco tabletop displays have helped him move into a new marketing plan that gave him results soon after it began. We want to thank our Hutchco customer, Ernesto Contenti, the President and founder of Pillowsonic, for sharing his company’s story with us.

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