Using Tabletop Displays in Your Business and Marketing Events

Using Tabletop Displays in Your Business and Marketing Events

Are you ready to make an impact at your next marketing event? Let Hutchco tabletop displays help deliver your message and draw attention to your visual branding. Whether showcasing products or managing an event, boost your visitors attention with our display products — at the right price, and the right size.

8.5 x 11 Plastic Sign Holder Tabletop Displays with Cardboard Easel Back, for Registration Sign Up Table, Business Marketing Event, Job Fair, Company Recruitment Day

Portable and professional sign holder frames that ship flat for easy travel and storage. Our blank counter card display stands are low priced and perfect for temporary, or long term use

Marketing displays are not required to be high tech — and we believe quality sign holders should not be expensive either! As a matter of fact, our table sign displays are cost effective and designed for all budgets and marketing plans. Compared with some digital options, and expensive acrylic frames, our simple signage solutions offer ways to get you started, and save you money.

Add Sign Holders in Your Product Display Areas

Need a silent salesperson while you are busy helping other customers? Why not use Hutchco Easel back signs with a brochure holder to help describe your goods and services in detail. Then customers can read about the merchandise while comparing products at their own pace. Above all, make the most of limited space on your display shelves, tables, and countertops.

Brochure Holder Display in Retail Store Window, with 11 x 14 Cardboard Sign Stand and Adhesive 4” Peel & Stick Pocket on the Clear Plastic Cover

A store window display with 11″ x 14″ Easel Sign Holder and 4″ Brochure Holder Pocket

  • Large retail spaces need clear descriptions identifying your current promotional campaign. Table signs can highlight new products, custom products, and sale items, while displaying brochures and pamphlets with more detailed information. In other words, we suggest attaching a Peel & Stick Brochure Holder Pocket directly onto the front of your tabletop signage. Naturally, this will assure take-away brochures quickly get into the hands of your customers.
  • Place a sign display next to seasonal goods and overstock items that you advertised on sale. And then “Invite” customers to help reduce your inventory with special low-price discounts.
  • Big sales do not always need big signs. And not all tabletop signs need a table. Consequently small sign holders allow products to be the center of attention. Of course, your small easel signs can describe the sale items, list the price, or simply say… SALE!
Hutchco Displays 5" x 7" small sign holder with a clear cover on cardboard easel. Will not scratch your display surface.

Big sales do not always need a big sign. A small 5” x 7” sign work hard too!

Speed Up Your Sign-Up Table

If your business has a registration table, be sure to have a tabletop display with answers to popular questions. It is equally important to educate customers while preparing their contract, merchandise, or credit application.

  • Universities, corporations, and community organizations use tabletop signs to simplify an event registration process. The same goes for opening day at trade shows and expos. Tabletop displays inform and clarify the steps involved in sign-up registration for all events. Thereby streamlining an often lengthy process.
  • Brochures offering advice about credit financing are suitable for tabletop displays. And, they can explain details of your financing options for buying on credit, or lease-to-own. As a result, customers prepare to sign up at the table before leaving.
  • Add a copy of your extended warranty benefits on a tabletop display. While customers browse your home goods, appliance, furniture, or automobile showrooms— they will take notice.

Tabletop Displays in Restaurants 

Tabletop display signs are highly visible in restaurants, and cafes, when customers are seated eye-level to the displays. Did you notice QR code menus on every table during the pandemic? Are they still around?

HUTCHCO 5.5 x 8.5 plastic sign holder with paper print of QR Code Touchless Menu, on a restaurant table

Inexpensive 5.5″ x 8.5″ Easel Sign Holders designed for half-page prints are great for menus, and short-term use.

  • According to a CNN Business Report article by Danielle Wiener-Bronner, there is a split decision on using QR menus. Business owners say they prefer digital QR menus, while customers say they prefer hand held menus. But when it comes to paying for their meal “waiting to pay for a check is a much larger pain point for consumers, than reading a menu, and one that can be solved using similar (QR) technology. ‘Let me pay when I’m ready to go. And everybody’s happy.’”
  • Our Easel Back Sign Holders are the simple choice for tabletop menus, whether you choose QR print inserts, or a standard menu insert. Replace as often as needed, for very little expense. Place inexpensive easel signs on your tables, highlighting digital ordering and ease of payment. Easy to replace menu signs quickly in your restaurants and cafes. Note that our inexpensive 5.5″ x 8.5″ Easel Sign Holders are designed for half-page prints, and great for short-term use.
  • Do you offer take-out? Then place inexpensive menus in a table display near the exit. For instance tabletop signs with 4″ adhesive pockets will hold your printed trifold brochure menus. In addition, display signs with 5.5″ Peel & Stick adhesive pockets will hold letter-size menus folded in half. It is surprisingly easy and affordable to print your own menus on standard copy paper.

Tabletop Displays in Food Stores

Are you thinking there will not be enough counter space for sign holder display stands? We have many sizes of easel sign holders that will  fit in the smallest display area, so don’t start your next promotional event without some!

  • At your next in-store food tasting and sampling demo, be sure to use sign displays on the table. And, why not add Hutchco adhesive brochure holder pockets full of recipe cards! As customers are enjoying the various food items being introduced that day, inspire them to take home new cooking ideas, and new products.
  • Reward your best customers! Without a doubt, they will return when offered a “frequent buyer” business card.  On your table top displays, it’s extremely easy to add business card size Peel & Stick Pockets filled with loyalty cards. Customers will be delighted to earn rewards for their repeat business.
Adhesive Peel and Stick Business Card Holder Pockets display of Loyalty Discount Cards

Instantly attach Peel and Stick Business Card Pockets to your countertop displays, for holding discount coupons and customer loyalty reward cards

Display Signs at the Checkout Counter

Checkout counters provide excellent opportunities for last-minute ideas. Or reminders of specialty products shoppers may wish to consider ordering later.

  • Fill a brochure holder display with examples of your custom products and detailed information. In fact, when placed near the checkout area, your paying customer will take notice of the brochures display and may leave with ideas about a future purchase.
  • Place your discount coupons in a peel and stick business card holder near the cash register. Then display the items discounted for that week only.
  • Promote seasonal items that customers tend to forget, such as bags of ice, at check-out time.

Portable Tabletop Displays at Trade Shows

Hutchco tabletop displays travel well without breaking. You will appreciate the durability of our products if you set up tables at many trade show events. The sign holders ship flat when traveling, and the support easel folds open quickly when ready to stand up the display. Easy to set up at your event booth, or demo table.

  • Easel back sign holders with brochure holders are displaying your business information. A quick way to get that info into the hands of interested attendees. Tri-fold handouts will remind visitors what your company is all about.
  • Buy plenty of extra displays. Affordable enough to give a handful to each of your distributors. Marketing your products as they visit all stores in their region. And leaving tabletop displays with your new promotions, designed for all retail counters.
  • Set up poster size sign holders near your vendor booth. Attract interest with inspirational quotes, as attendees approach your area. Or add colorful eye catching images of new products and services.

Tabletop Displays For Your Employees

Customers will not be the only group looking at your tabletop displays. Equally important to note that your employees will read them too! Think about some of these options for work areas, and where your staff tend to gather.

Plastic Covered Sign Holders in caution areas to protect workers and work safety signage

Plastic covered sign holders, for caution signs near hazard areas, remind everyone to stay alert

  • Tabletop sign displays near hazard areas will remind everyone to stay alert. Deliver your message quickly. Command attention with large or small signs. Use bold lettering, bright colors, and simple designs.
  • Add easy to read, short, and to the point messages in your tabletop signs. Put one near the customer service counter, or re-stocking area. Politely remind employees of your customer courtesy policy guidelines.
  • Leave humorous clean-up reminders where employees eat and socialize. Wouldn’t everyone like to see less dirty dishes in the common room? It’s worth a try.

Buy more tabletop easel signs and other Hutchco displays so you can direct, instruct, entertain, promote, inform, and guide customers in your retail or B2B business. Our products are affordable, reusable, and so easy to place throughout your retail store or business. Start using budget-friendly Hutchco table signs in your business, and event locations. Place them on any flat surface throughout the showroom and exhibition area, and you will be providing vital visual information right where your customers are already looking!

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