Using Tabletop Displays Throughout Your Place of Business

Using Tabletop Displays Throughout Your Place of Business


Once you start using tabletop displays in your business, you’ll find dozens of ways to scatter them throughout your retail showroom and check- out sales area. You can place them on any flat surface; countertop, tabletop, shelf, end isle display, and cashier counter. Provide your customers with quick and easy information, right where they’re already looking.

Here are a few ways to get started and save money.

Easel Back Sign Holder with Brochure Displays on Retail Store Countertop
Easel Back Sign Holder with Brochure Holder Displays on countertop at retail store checkout counter


Add POP Displays to Your Product Display Areas

Point of purchase (POP) displays are awesome for moving your merchandise or services, as the name implies, right where your customers buy them.

  • Stack packages on a pallet to one side of a traffic flow intersection, and place a tabletop display near the stack to “invite” customers to help you unload them at a special low price.
  • Put an easel-back display near a stove, snow-blower, file cabinet, or kayak, with the great price prominently displayed on the flyer, with a big “Wow!” next to the price.
  • Place a discount sign next to a piles of folded, colorful spring t-shirts that you advertised as sale items.
  • Stand a dessert menu in a tabletop display next to a dessert display containing your most scrumptious-looking dessert.
  • Add a brochure holder display full of recipes for a food sample item next to the sample tray.
  • Place baskets of multivitamins for different age groups together on a table. Add a sign frame to each basket identifying the age group for that product.

Retail Countertops for Tabletop Displays

If you have merchandise such as jewelry, cell phones, cosmetics, or office supplies in a retail countertop, you have an awesome place to place tabletop displays.

  • Use them to highlight your high-margin items, so that customers can learn about them as they browse the counter.
  • Add a POP display near the mat where you place engagement rings to remind your customers about your credit or financing options.
  • Place informational tables comparing your cell phone models in a tabletop display on your retail counter.
  • Add a peel and stick display pocket to the front of a candy counter, and add a coupon for a free gummy bear sample for every child who accompanies a parent at purchase time.

Speed Up Your Sign-up Table

If your business has a sign-up table, a tabletop display can save you time by educating customers while you prepare their contracts, merchandise, or credit application.

  • Use a tabletop sign to explain that their sign-up form requests their telephone number for medical emergencies only and that they will not receive sales calls as long as they do not opt in for promotional items.
  • A sign on your credit sign-up table can explain the details of your customer credit program: APR, terms, conditions, and approval time.
  • Prepare an easel back sign holder with a bullet list of frequent buyer benefits, and add on a peel and stick pocket full of temporary frequent buyer cards that customers can fill out and trade in for a permanent card.

Tabletop Displays in Restaurants

Tabletop displays are awesome in restaurants because customers spend time sitting or standing right in front of them.

  • Put them on your large group tables. Customers love passing them around and trying to figure out which appetizer or drink special would be best to share.
  • Place a tabletop display in front of every other seat along a large table to show off your top-performing dishes and drinks.
  • On tables of any size, use the POP displays to highlight breakfast, lunch, and dinner specials.
  • Likewise, displays promoting upsells such as desserts or specialty drinks work on any size table.
  • When guests show up to a table, have your host or hostess point out the drink menu so that customers have their orders ready when the waitperson arrives.
  • A single display on any table can highlight daily or weekly specials.
  • If you have small tables where you seat couples, try placing a special menu, with “two for the price of one” meals especially for dates or close friends who’d like to share appetizer sampler plates.

Portable Displays in Other Seating Areas

If your business has an area where customers wait for orders or to talk with a representative, tabletop displays give them something to think about while they wait. Place a small table in your waiting room, reception, or other areas where customers sit, and use it for tabletop signs that customers can take the time to read:

  • Add a tabletop display to the table to provide links to your social media pages and online B2B store.
  • If you have techy customers, add a custom QR code to a display on an end table near seating so that they can pick it up and “like” your business page on Facebook.
  • Show your customers that you care by placing a tabletop sign on an end table near seating and educate viewers about your business’ mission.
  • If your customers wait in the lobby while you retrieve their custom embroidered uniforms, place a tabletop sign where they can see your return policy.

POP Displays at the Checkout

Checkouts provide excellent opportunities for last-minute additions to the shopping cart or reminders to customers who will shortly move on to other things. Take advantage of this audience to get a message into their heads as they head out to the car.

  • Add your take-out menu to a tabletop sign holder and stick a handful in the brochure pocket so that your customers leave with one in hand.
  • Place your business card in a peel and stick pocket on the cash register.
  • Promote items that customers tend to forget, such as bags of ice, at check-out time.
  • Add a copy of your extended warranty benefits to a tabletop display at your register that your cashiers can show customers as they explain it.

Tabletop Displays on the Road

If your business cycle involves setting up a table on the road, make sure that you have plenty of tabletop signs for your expo or service table

  • Easel back sign and brochure pocket combos make it easy to get foldable handouts comparing your service packages to your table visitors.
  • Buy plenty of extra displays. They’re inexpensive and you can give a handful to each of your distributors to promote your products on their retail floors.
  • Remember to use tabletop signs to show off your own logo so that visitors to your display associate it with your product or service.
  • Use easel sign holder with inspirational sayings, right at eye level as customers round the corner near your expo space. Use them to get them looking in your direction instead of toward the opposite side of the aisle.

Tabletop Displays Are Not Just for Customers

Don’t limit your use of tabletop displays to just displays for customers, your staff will read them too. Think about some of these options for areas where your staff tend to gather:

  • Add them to the back-side of your customer service counter to reinforce your customer courtesy policy guidelines.
  • Leave clean-up reminders where employees tend to leave dirty dishes.
  • A tabletop display on the vanity in your employee washroom can remind staff members to wash their hands before returning to the sales floor.

Tabletop displays and other Hutchco POP displays can direct, instruct, entertain, promote, and guide your customers throughout your retail or B2B business. Place them anywhere customers tend to rest their eyes, and use them to guide the customer line of sight in your workplace.

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