Make Your Trade Show Tabletop Display Pop! With Easel Back Sign Holders

Make Your Trade Show Tabletop Display Pop! With Easel Back Sign Holders

Designing Tabletop Sign Holders for a Split-Second Impression

Hundreds of booths compete for attendee attention at trade shows. That’s why you need to make your booth stand out from the crowd. Hutchco easel back sign holders, and our other trade show displays, can easily set your table display apart from the rest.

Once a visitor comes to your booth, your tabletop sign holders can help build a good impression and focus attention on your products. According to Princeton psychologists, the human mind judges an image in about one-tenth of a second. You should take advantage of that fraction of a second by designing attractive signs.

Large and small Hutchco Tabletop Plastic Sign Holders, with clear cover and cardboard easel back stand, fold flat for easy packing and set up at your Trade Show event tables.

Large and small Tabletop Plastic Sign Holders, with clear cover and cardboard easel back stand, fold flat for easy packing and set up, at your Trade Show event tables and vendor booth.

A well-designed sign contains a simple yet bold image and little text. Although you might add a bullet list of product features, keep it very short and simple, covering no more than three messaging points per sign.

Using Trade Show Tabletop Displays with Your Products

Place your products on the table in front of you to turn them into conversation pieces. Put each in front of a Hutchco easel back sign holder, using the signs as backdrops for the products and to get your products in front of show attendees.

To help customers learn about your products, include a small photo on the tabletop display for each product. They’ll associate the text with its image, and it will help them match it to the physical product if you have a sample in your booth. Hutchco’s slanted sign holders make it easy for them to see your print material together with your products.

Choose the Best Displays for the Event

Before you print signs and order your plastic displays, it’s always a good idea to check with the event organizer to find out what types of displays vendors generally use. If exhibitors use large modular tabletop displays, you can keep your costs down and still compete by using several of Hutchco’s 11×14-inch easel back displays. Whether on a table or posted on a vertical display surface, you can vary size and types of displays in your exhibition, giving it a three-dimensional effect.

Make sure that you choose a display design that best fits your medium. For example, for tabletop signs and posters, the easel back display is perfect. Hutchco tabletop displays come in a range of sizes—from 4×5 through 18×24 inches—allowing you to use different print sizes.

Trifolds and other types of handouts work best in an easel back sign holder combination with peel and stick pockets. Hutchco makes several point-of-purchase (POP) displays just for this type of marketing collateral. It makes recyclable cardboard wings to attach to slanted sign holders, allowing you to place brochure pockets on one side of your print material.

At some events, exhibit organizers provide little table space. Postcard-sized tabletop sign holders can help you highlight small products, such as jewelry, plastic models, or manual precision tools.

The Hutchco Advantage

Hutchco plastic trade show tabletop displays have an edge over other signs that you’ll see at the trade show for several reasons. First of all, they cost very little, so you can use as many as you like in your booth. In addition, as soon as you receive your Hutcho tabletop display parcel, you will note how lightweight and compact they are, as opposed to a shipment of bulky, fragile, and expensive acrylic displays. That saves you a bundle on shipping. All of our cardboard/vinyl plastic tabletop displays fold flat for easy packing. You can easily slide them into your tradeshow travel kit.

For even easier transportation, think about having Hutchco send your displays directly to the trade show office or hotel room. This way you won’t have additional luggage fees at the airport, and you won’t have to spend any time waiting for them at baggage pick-up.

Contact our team today to learn more about our affordable, eco-friendly, shatterproof, and light-weight Hutchco trade show tabletop displays. Order the size and quantity you need and watch your trade show tabletop display pop!

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