HUTCHCO Cardboard Easel Displays with Plastic Pockets
Why Sign Holders from Hutchco Just Make More Sense

Why Sign Holders from Hutchco Just Make More Sense

If your business uses display stands, you will want to know why sign holders from Hutchco just make more sense. These American-made countertop stands and Hutchco business card holders get your print materials in front of your customers.

Hutchco cardboard brochure holders and point-of-purchase (POP) displays provide you with a high-quality, economical, highly visible, convenient, durable, and recyclable option for trade shows and retail POP marketing events. Let’s take a look at why sign holders from Hutchco just make more sense, in terms of the four Vs: visibility, value, variety, and versatility.


Your print materials may be your customer’s first impression of your business, so you want to ensure that it makes a good impression. That’s why you want quality, high-visibility displays for your pamphlets, business cards, brochures, flyers, and other print materials.

Hutchco cardboard brochure holders, for example, display your promotional materials in a perfectly clear vinyl plastic cover that slides on and off the easel, easily. Their low-glare plastic sleeves show off 100% of your paper print display surface.

The white cardboard easels, made of thick, 70-point board, sustain even thin prints firmly, by static alone, without messy adhesive or sticky tape, holding your print in smoothly. For prints that do not fill the frame, the flimsier 50-point brown-craft-paper backgrounds used by some manufacturers neither aesthetically compliment your image nor keep your print flat. On the other hand, the white Hutchco background brings out print colors and makes a clean, attractive background.

Finally, the Hutchco table-top slant-back design holds your flyers at the perfect angle for viewing. Lightweight and space-efficient, you’ll find them easy to organize into attractive multi-sized print displays for show events, posters, and retail signage.


High quality, low-priced display stands from Hutchco give you value within your budget. If you have used acrylic displays, you know that a dozen or so can quickly drain your promotional account.

Consider instead Hutchco easel back sign holders. They cost 50% less than comparable acrylic sign displays. The lower cost of these unbreakable, insert-style counter cards can bring down overall costs so much that some retailers even give them away so that their customers can distribute their promotional materials across more countertops and display surfaces.

Because our displays will not break, you can reuse them as many times as you like. In addition, we make them from recyclable materials. Even when you finish with them, recyclers can reclaim the material. That’s value for our planet.

Another reason why sign holders from Hutchco just make more sense is because you can save money when packing and shipping them. They break down flat, for easier, more compact storage and postage. Acrylic displays, with the display area supported by a bent piece of acrylic, are bulky and heavy to ship.


Does your business use a wide variety of print sizes for its marketing materials? Hutchco’s plastic covered easel sign holders come in 30 different size and orientation combinations. You’ll find them from 4 x 5-inches through poster-sized 24 x 18-inch displays.

With all of those combinations, you will find plastic displays for all of your print materials! If you do not see the size you are looking for just ask! We make all products in-house and will be glad to produce a quote for making your custom size.

Hutchco peel and stick pockets for literature displays come in seven sizes, holding documents as small as business cards up through 8.5 x 7-inch brochures, to cover most paper display needs. Custom plastic displays come in many shapes and sizes. For example, Hutchco cardboard brochure holders, come in two sizes, 8.5 x 11- and 11 x 14-inch, with either inboard or outboard pockets.


With all the sizes and orientations that Hutchco offers in each of its three display types, you will find hundreds of versatile alternatives for using them. For example, the Hutchco peel and stick pockets’ are lightweight, easy to use, and easy to ship. You can stick a handful of spec sheets or flyers onto a cash register, file cabinet, glass door, or even to a product surface.

Hutchco cardboard brochure holders and easel back sign holder frames will fit on nearly any flat, horizontal surface. Some of the bigger displays even have large enough viewing surfaces to make effective floor-level displays.


Our American-made countertop stands give you the four Vs: visibility, value, variety, and versatility. That’s why sign holders from Hutchco just make more sense.


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